The song, America, available here to listen was compose by me over 21 years ago. The download is my most recent arrangement. I had traveled the country and seen the plains and mountains and was moved to write this song while feeling the hope of what the best of our nation represents.

Over the years since I composed the song, many of my friends and family have wanted me to put this song on the Internet for people to hear. Shortly before Hurricane Katrina I posted a version of this page for a short while on and apparently, some readers found it after the storm. After receiving a number of comments from readers on the song, I relinked the page and dedicated it to the survivors of Katrina and the new hope America has brought to all of us on the Gulf Coast..

While I am a writer by profession, I am not a lyricist. This song is an instrumental, but I had in mind the lyrics to America the Beautiful when it was created, and they will fit. There is no fee for you to hear this song.

I hope you will enjoy the song and that it will help inspire you about our country, our America, as it does me.

The song should automatically start playing.

    Keith Burton

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