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The Long March

Obama's Ascension To Presidential Power Is Proving To Be A Checkmate Against Liberty.  Even Pravda Is Appalled At The Speed By Which America Is Being Socialized.

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By Perry Hicks-Special to GulfCoastNews.com

But the anger is real; it is powerful; and to simply wish it away, to condemn it without understanding its roots, only serves to widen the chasm of misunderstanding that exists between the races. – Barack Obama

Barack Obama did not become president in spite of his being of African decent or having been raised in part in a foreign country.  He became president because of it.

He was born and raised outside of the continental United States with his formative years in Muslim Indonesia. Ample evidence suggests his family was steeped in communism. 

This made his candidacy attractive to powerful international and anti-American forces.   It was only natural then that well before his bid for the Illinois senate Obama had been nurtured, mentored, and funded expressly to facilitate his rise to power.

Obama’s claims that his “unlikely,” as he puts it, success is therefore disingenuous in that the sole purpose of his power is to bring to fruition the Left’s long cherished dreams of socializing America.

To accomplish that, America- the world's sole Light of Liberty- will have to be extinguished, casting 6 billion people into political darkness.

Thus, powerful forces have closed ranks behind Obama and so have brought American socialists, like their retreating Chinese Communist brothers of 1935, to what could be the end of their very Long March.

The Beginning of the End

Change has come to America. - Barack Obama

The Left fully realizes that Obama’s political capital can only last as long as the middle class does not realize what they are losing.  By necessity, Obama and the Democrat congress has been moving swiftly to enact as many new laws, issue as many new edicts, and print as much fiat money as is humanly possible.

These acts have collectively been done largely under the ruse of preventing a world-wide financial collapse.  The truth, however, is that the United States has found itself engaged in a monetary war that has already succeeded in ending Pax Americana; the global military, financial, and industrial dominance of the United States.

This socialist agenda is eerily similar to the lead up to the creation of the European Union and may partly explain the conduct of the Republican National Committee.  Regardless of the conservative base’s objections, the party leadership continues to force the core base to the center.

Despite media claims to Obama’s high popularity, push-back is mounting on his take over and bankrupting of two auto companies, seizure of major banks and even some insurance companies, proposed destruction of the present health care system, and the delayed but not abandoned effort to create a compulsive national “volunteer” service.

If the public has increasingly ascribed to the notion that the flurry of new laws, edicts, and dollars flying off the Treasury’s presses, would be something the Russian Bolshevik revolutionaries would have done, they have good reason.  Almost immediately after Obama’s presidential win, none other than the vice chairman of the Democratic Socialists of America, Joseph Swartz, provided Obama with a particularly prescient open memo, lecturing:

As a constitutional law scholar, you realize that the system of checks and balances and separation of powers established by our founders consciously aimed to forestall rapid change. Thus, almost all the reforms we identify with the twentieth-century Democratic Party—Social Security, the National Labor Relations Act, the Civil Rights Acts, and Medicare—occurred in the periods 1935-1938 and 1964-1966, the only times when the Democrats controlled the presidency and had strong majorities in both chambers of Congress.

Swartz then urged the president to “act swiftly.”

Swartz went on to insist, “Your administration could pass major legislation in regard to universal health care, massive investment in green technology, and labor law reform that would transform United States social relations for generations to come. 

The more salient points of Swartz’s memo urged Obama and the Democrat congress to:

  • Pass a massive stimulus bill of $500 to $600 billion dollars (Obama has far exceeded this amount.)
  • Implement a massive anti-foreclosure program. (Done)
  • Fund major inner city job training, pre-K and after school programs.(Done)
  • Reverse Bush tax cuts. (Done)
  • End Reagan-era marginal cuts on high-income earners. (Done)
  • Stop funding for advanced fighter aircraft and anti-missile defense systems. (Done)
  • Demand equity shares in the banks and corporations that are bailed out by the public treasury. (In progress)
  • Re-regulating the finance industry so that it serves the interest of the productive economy and not those of unrestrained speculators (meaning investors.) (In progress)
  • Replace our present medical system with a universal and cost-efficient alternative. (Pending)
  • Place the entire prestige of your office behind…Free Choice Act (meaning end to secret union ballots. (Pending)

Add to the above Obama’s gifting of two entire car companies to the very unions that helped kill them.  To do this the president has had to wrest the company from the share holders.  To the socialists, the bond holders were just irrelevant “speculators.” 

Swartz has good reason to expect the president to take his council.  Obama is a life-long communist who has been assisted in his ascension to political power by the DSA.  Indeed, Obama’s initial election to the Illinois state senate was heralded as a victory by a New Party member.  The New Party was a fusion of ACORN, DSA, and in Chicago, the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism (CoC.)  

Having learned the lessons from professors Richard A. Cloward and Francis Fox Piven, community organizer, Saul Alinsky, and the heirs to them all, William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, Obama knows, or at least should know, what he must do before his political capital runs out. He must consolidate power and seize as many free market sectors as possible before the public demands a stop.  The danger to these Leftist elites is that the public will come to know what communism is really all about:  The seizure of all private property, not for the benefit of “the people,” but for the benefit of a new class of political masters.

To socialists, consolidating power is not a political art, but a science.  Follow the formula and people will follow.  Having control of the banks, key investment firms, the machinery of tax collection (and with a majority in congress the control of the tax making laws,) and the treasury’s printing presses, Obama can hand out both the rewards and  punishments like no community organizer has ever dreamed possible.  Unless something is done soon, it could be enough to keep Obama and the Socialist Democrats in power indefinitely.

The master stroke will be including the illegal alien population in the impending census, estimated to be as high as 30 to 40 million individuals.  In this way, the additional “new” population would force the redrawing of congressional districts that would permanently favor Democrats.

In this way, Democrat dominance in congress could be extended far into the distant future.  At some point, probably when the older generations who view the Constitution as a sacred document are no longer politically viable, a convention will be held to rewrite or otherwise abolish it with dire consequences for personal liberty.

The younger generations, having been inadequately educated and brainwashed by a propagandist mass media also controlled by the Federal Government, will believe the alteration to the Constitution to be “empowering.”

The legitimized illegals would also boost the national population by 100 million or more as extended family members arrive to take up residency with their loved ones.

Working the System 

Mr.  Ayers is not involved in my campaign. He has never been involved in this campaign. And he will not advise me in the White House. - Barack Obama

Using churches and other mainstream institutions as platforms for change was a model perfected by the first community organizer, Saul Alinsky.  This master radical viewed revolution as a process that was slow, deliberate, and orchestrated from within; as opposed to a swift, immediate, and violent as was the view of the Weather Underground.

Although Alinsky’s 1972 death precluded his personal influence, Obama has admitted that he looks to Saul Alinsky as a role model.

Not surprisingly, Obama was trained to Saul Alinsky’s method and a photo is extant showing him teaching it.  To understand Obama's rise to power we need only to understand Alinsky's revolutionary methodology.

As a Marxist, Alinsky’s view of the world was that power came in two forms: Money and people.  As a Marxist, Alinsky's also saw the two as being diametrically opposed.  Alinsky argued that if money was the barrier to power, one could overcome that obstacle by organizing people into a political bloc.

Obama’s first organizing job was in Chicago and involved twenty south-side Catholic churches in what was titled the Developing Communities Project.  His salary was but $10,000 per year.  However, Obama quickly took on additional projects, all based on Saul Alinsky’s methods:

  • Obama created two independent asbestos abatement initiatives for the Roseland and Altgeld public housing complexes.
  • Directed ACORN’s Project Vote operation in Illinois.
  • Trained in the Alinsky method from the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF.).
  • Later taught the Alinsky method to other organizers for the IAF.

Obama spoke to an ACORN group in November 2007 and is quoted as saying, “I’ve been fighting alongside ACORN on issues you care about my entire career. Even before I was an elected official, when I ran Project Vote voter registrations drive in Illinois, ACORN was smack dab in the middle of it, and we appreciate your work.”

ACORN not only endorsed, but worked vigorously to elect Obama’s as president.  Prior to the election, ACORN’s annual budget was $100 million.  Almost immediately upon election, a bill passed congress directly awarding ACORN taxpayer dollars.  This would catapult ACORN’s annual budget into the billions.

In this way ACORN will have the best of both of Alinsky’s worlds: People and money. As we all know, money begets people so in the next general election the Democrats will be a power to behold.

The problem with the Alinsky model is that it is deeply dishonest.  According to Alinsky, the end justifies the means.  Hence, any method that achieves the desired result must automatically be acceptable.

Alinsky taught that community organizers needed to be friends with those in power and work to infiltrate establishment organizations for the sole purpose of working their radical machinations from a platform of respectability.

A perfect example this principle’s inherent dishonesty, one need only examine how Obama came to be a member of Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ.

While heading the Community Development Project, some of the pastors he was trying to gain assistance from asked what church he attended.  His answer of “visiting different ones” was a tacit admission that he didn’t attend church at all.  Subsequently they suggested that he join one so that they could “see where you’re getting yours from.  Faith, that is.”  (Dreams from My Father, Three Rivers Press, paperback, pg 274.) 

The pastor’s suggestion “made sense” to Obama.  Despite never having regularly attended religious services since his days at the mosques in Indonesia, he decided to join one.  Rev. Wright’s church had been recommended to him by several acquaintances; Obama visited and evidently liked the message he heard.  It was Marxist, Black Liberationist, anti-establishment, and decidedly anti-American. 

Trinity’s size also gave Obama a large base of support and Rev. Wright’s endorsement gave him stature in the black inner city communities.  Thus, it was Wright’s black church that was the vehicle that brought him his first successes.  However, it was his white acquaintances that allowed him to penetrate the radical Marxist establishment and garner support for his later political bids.

Submerged in the Network

Focusing your life solely on making a buck shows a certain poverty of ambition.”- Barack Obama

There is no doubt Obama dedicated himself to activism and made it his life’s work.  One account of his dedication described his interest in political office as one that would providing him far more power to hasten change.

As powerful as the courts can be, following the course of a legal career held no attraction for Obama.  A 1990 Los Angeles Times interview quotes him as saying "One of the luxuries of going to Harvard Law School is it means you can take risks in your life…"

Obama went on to say that after taking his J.D. he would only work for a law firm for a short time before returning to community organizing.

As surprising as this may have sounded, Obama may not have viewed his choice as risk taking at all.  Recall the high probability that Obama and William Ayers had met at one of the Socialist Scholars Conferences held at the Cooper Union in New York City.  If they had not met at the Cooper Union, they certainly had in 1987, when Ayers served on the Alliance for Better Chicago Schools (ABCs) and Obama on his Community Development Project.

Barack Obama did his internship at the Sidley Austin law firm in 1988.  Bernardine Dohrn, William (Bill) Ayer’s wife, was also working at Sidley Austin in 1988, as was Michelle Robinson, the future Mrs. Barack Obama.  Dohrn mentored interns at the firm, a task that was transferred to Robinson.

Altogether combined, all of these occurrences could not have been coincidental- not in a city the size of Chicago.  It then becomes clear that Ayers had to be instrumental in Obama’s development, engineering Obama’s various appointments to rich philanthropic boards, and most likely Michelle’s lucrative employment at the University of Chicago Medical Center.

The U. of C. Medical Center job appeared to have been created especially to fulfill the Obama family need for them to rise in societal standing.  Michelle’s annual $121,910 salary at the hospital increased dramatically to $316,962 per year when her husband became a U.S. Senator, but the position was eliminated immediately after she vacated it to become first lady.

Obama had also become a “constitutional scholar” through his employment as a “lecturer” (part-time law professor) at the University of Chicago in 1993.  This added stature masked over the fact that he had only just earned his J.D. in 1991.  Thus, he had scant experience as he had also just gained employment by a progressive attorney, Judson Minor, the same year.  The work he did for Minor was mostly basic work, typical of a newly graduated lawyer.

The Obama-Ayers friendship with benefits may not have ended there.  The timeline for Obama’s first book, Dreams from My Father, along with the book’s organization and writing quality suggest the original transcript may have been heavily edited if not entirely rewritten to create the final book.

The question of who might have edited it inevitably leads back to Ayers, who at that juncture were an experienced and published author.

The importance of having a book out during his run for the state senate was three fold:

  • Create buzz about Obama and so provide a vehicle to get Obama out in front of the media
  • Provide the inspirational message that is vital in winning over the black community
  • Give Obama still another income stream.  While the proceeds from Dreams in 1995 were not particularly impressive, since his rise to power sales from both of his books have been a substantial part of his family income.

Indeed, Obama’s fortunes all turned for the better after having cemented a friendship with William Ayers.  It was even in Ayers’s home that Obama had, like some kind of political debutante, been introduced to polite society.

If having money to dispense can win friends and admirers, then burrowing like a mole into philanthropic organizations is an astute career move.  Having control of funding sources turned out to be a decisive advantage in Obama’s successful 1996 bid for the state senate.  Ayers saw to it that Obama was appointed to the boards of both the left leaning Woods Fund and also the Joyce Fund.

Combined, the Woods and Joyce funds are said to have given nearly $900 thousand dollars to the Small Schools Workshop and $761 thousand to Bill’s brother, John Ayers,’ Leadership for Quality Education.

An interesting note is that the Woods Fund has also been accused of granting money to Tony Rezko, the real estate developer involved in assisting Obama purchase his Hyde Park home at a bargain basement price.

Bill Ayers had also chaired the Chicago School Reform Collaborative and co-chaired the Small Schools Workshop with former SDSer and communist party faction creator, Mike Klonsky.  Incidentally, Susan Klonsky, Mike’s wife, was an employee of the Workshop.

After being made chairman of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge in 1995, the Challenge awarded grants to both the Small Schools Workshop and extremist Afro-centric organizations that were aligned with the same anti-American message heard in Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s church.

Ayers also served on the board of the Woods Fund with Obama.  This fund has also reportedly channeled millions of dollars to ACORN.

The Joyce Foundation which, in addition to granting money to anti-gun groups, also channeled money to the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, on whose board Obama also served.

Illustrative of the depth of this network, Obama's campaign finance chairwoman is reported to have been Penny Pritzker, the bank executive infamous for her part in the subprime mortgage failure of Superior Bank.  Pritzker also sat on the board of the Chicago Public Education Fund with Obama.

Thomas Ayers, Bill Ayers father, also donated money to Obama’s Community Development Project.

Note that despite all of the money raised and allegedly spent in dedication to furthering Chicago children's education, no measurable progress was ever realized.  This should not be surprising because despite a competitive nature suggested by the name, The Annenberg Challenge was intentionally created to have no set goals at all.

Machine Candidate

So it’s not surprising then that they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion. – Barack Obama

In order to win elections in a political machine town like Chicago, a candidate must have an organization.  Obama’s came ready made through his membership in The New Party.

In Chicago, the New Party actually came into being with support from ACORN.  As stated previously, Obama had provided funding to ACORN and Trinity Church as well as Bill Ayers, the man responsible for his seats on several funding organizations.

Upon winning the senate seat, Obama was touted by the news sheet, New Party News as a party member, distinct from being a merely endorsed candidate, like a candidate for another office, Willie Delgado.

Nationally, the New Party was largely composed of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) and ACORN and in Chicago, DSA, the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism (CoC.)  The names of the principle officers or otherwise founders of these organizations are the who’s who of American communism.

Should there be any doubt that Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, and the Klonsky’s were communists, consider that after SDS, Mike Klonsky formed the October League (Marxist-Leninist,) Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist,) and with Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, the Movement for a Democratic Society.  Bill Ayers has described himself as a communist with a small “c.”

Obama's Illinois senate election was facilitated by his refusal to yield to the incumbent, Alice Palmer, who was trying to retain her seat after losing a bid for congress to Jesse Jackson Junior.  An Obama supporter was able to render Palmer ineligible based on a technicality. Obama won with 82% of the vote.  

Rise to National Power

America, this is our moment. This is our time. Our time to turn the page of the policies of the past. - Barack Obama

In 2000, Obama had also made a failed bid for the Illinois 1st Congressional seat in 2000 held by Bobby Rush.  The loss highlighted his slide into a hubris that was eroding his popularity.  The run against Rush also damaged him with the black community.

Obama reassessed his treatment of the various community groups that were no longer coming to him and worked to get his state senate office back closer to the street. Until his last term he did not introduce controversial legislation.  His two most notable bills were one for campaign finance reform and another requiring the video taping the interrogation of those accused of capital crimes.

In his bid for the U.S. Senate in 2004, Obama looked to eliminating any credible opposition, just as he had Alice Palmer.  First, the Democratic front runner, Blair Hull, was forced to drop out of the primary when embarrassing details from his divorce records were released to the public.

Not so coincidently, the Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, Jack Ryan, was also forced out of the race when Ryan’s court sealed child custody documents were released by the court itself.  The presiding judge released the documents at the behest of the Chicago Tribune and over the objections of both Ryan and his ex-wife. 

Ryan’s wife had alleged in the released documents that Ryan had on an occasion taken her to a New York sex club and had allegedly asked her to have public sex with him there.  Subsequent to the release, a Chicago Tribune poll found Ryan 22 points behind Obama.  Ryan then dropped out from the race

The Republican Party attempted to salvage the situation by bringing Alan Keyes in from Maryland to run, in the same fashion of Hillary Clinton moving to New York.  Keyes has told GCN that his decision to run was based on Obama’s support for allowing newborn babies that had actually survived abortion to be denied medical treatment.

Obama’s win was essentially engineered because it was the Chicago Tribune that ignored Obama’s communist associations but expended considerable resources to have Ryan’s LA divorce records opened up for public viewing.

Thomas Ayers, Bill Ayers father, sat on the Tribune Company’s board of directors.

If morals were the point in the public’s withdrawal of support for Ryan, the support for Obama, given his statements regarding post partum abortion, otherwise called infanticide, can only be explained by the media’s silence on the subject.

Obama had claimed that he had only opposed the state version of the Born Alive Infant Protection Act (BAIPA) because it did not have a “neutrality clause” guaranteeing the continuance in force of Roe vs. Wade.  However, the title of the bill alone did not proclaim this an abortion bill nor is giving medical treatment to suffering babies anti-abortion.

Obama did not oppose BAIPA because he did not want a baby born from a botched abortion to be classified as a child.  He did it because, quote, “… is really designed simply to burden the original decision of the woman and the decision to induce labor and perform an abortion.

In other words, if the abortion is botched, the baby still has to die… even if it were born alive.

Keyes candidacy was a long shot in that he had only a few months to get an organization on the ground and win over the hearts of the Illinois voter.  Obama handily won the U.S. Senate.

When the Democrat National Committee decided to hold their national convention in Boston in 2004, Obama was tapped as the senate’s only African-American to deliver a speech.  His oratorical skills were such that he immediately became a Democrat super star and the whispers of him becoming a possible presidential candidate grew louder.

Bid for the Presidency

In America, there's a failure to appreciate Europe's leading role in the world.”- Barack Obama

Obama’s bid for the White House didn't start with the same authority as did his runs for the state and federal senates.  Obama himself discounted his ability to be president.

To select others, however, it became increasingly obvious over the interval from his stellar performance at the convention that Obama alone had the potential to defeat Hillary Clinton in the primaries, and make a meaningful challenge to the Republican opponent.

Thus when Obama traveled to New York in 2006 to inform George Soros of his decision to run, he was not only welcomed, Soros wrote him a check.  Soros then walked him down the hall to a room full of rich donors and fundraisers who subsequently lavished Obama’s campaign with hard and soft money donations.

Obama was able to go to Soros in this way because Soros had backed Obama in his bid for the U.S. Senate.  Not only did Soros and family give Obama $60,000 in 2004, Soros unleashed his 527 organizations (Moveon.org, etc.) on Obama’s behalf.

Initially, conventional wisdom favored Hillary.  In spring 2008 she was substantially out fundraising all of her opponents except Obama.  It was when her loyal donors had reached their legal maximums that her donations tapped out even as Obama’s kept escalating.

The story Obama has wanted to push is how the internet had brought vast amounts of money in from the grass roots.  This claim mirrors how former DNC chairman, Howard Dean, bypassed Terry McAuliffe, then DNC chairman and Clinton money machine, and raised funds directly from his supporters.

Like Dean, Obama saw a prestigious amount of dollars flow into his campaign coffers.

Indeed, the magnitude of Obama's financial support derived from the internet has raised suspicions.  Obama's campaign took in better than $600 million.  Obama claimed a bulk of this amount of this was raised through small donations of $200 or less.

Spot checks on these small donor internet tractions have revealed bogus names, addresses, and even large donations from legitimate individuals of extremely modest means. This small donation loophole afforded unseen forces the opportunity to repeatedly give Obama very large amounts of cash through what are essentially anonymous transactions.

Who would have such an interest in one candidate that they would go to extremes to circumvent U.S. Election law?  Perhaps someone or something that would have a vital stake in:

  • The U.S. continuing to eschew domestic oil and gas drilling.
  • The discontinuance of the War on Terror, or even ending the labeling of Islamo-fascist homicide bombers as terrorists.
  • Furthering the recognition of Sharia Law within the United States.
  • Denying Israel its historical protection by the United States.

Recall once more how Obama bowed to Saudi King Abdullah- the only U.S. President to ever have figuratively prostrated himself before a foreign monarch.

Financial and technological support from George Soros and friends and even more funding from foreign sources aside, what really ignited Obama’s campaign was the endorsement of Chicago based media magnate, Opra Winfry.

Owing to the their friendship with television and film producers Harry Thomason and his wife, Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, Hollywood had once stood behind Bill and Hillary Clinton.  However, Winfry’s endorsement appears to have started a mass Hollywood defection to Obama.  Recent research indicates the bulk of Obama’s campaign treasury didn’t come from the grass roots; instead, it came from large donors.  The actual small donor support was about equal to what George W. Bush enjoyed in his 2004 campaign.

This gives rise to the questions, what could George Soros and his room full of high financiers have in common with a Marxist?  Could have it been the potential to make trillions from carbon credit trading or the discontinuance of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency?

Despite the obvious, thus far the mainstream media has made no visible move to explore these issues.  

Failure of Media to Report

The press is our chief ideological weapon. - Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev

No matter how cogent a topic may have been regarding Obama’s past, the mainstream press has refused to commit any portion of their considerable resources to investigating it.  Most of the breakthrough reporting has actually come from the alternative media, particularly bloggers.

While Obama’s apologists would want to discredit these sources as lacking proper controls for insuring journalistic integrity, the record is not good for what these critics would refer to as “credible” media. (See Sidebar- The Incredible Falsifying & Plagiarizing Media.)

While some of these offenses are certainly borne of the reporter’s narrow self interest, others, particularly during times of great import, are for the larger purpose of their own political agendas.   Thus, the media bias has become so slanted that “news” has become indistinguishable from propaganda.

To dispel any doubts, consider how The New York Times spiked a story decisively connecting Obama to ACORN and Project Vote; or how ABC News “political director,” Mark Halperin, told his staff not to “hold both sides 'equally' accountable.”

Unprecedented Secrecy

Why can't I just eat my waffle?”- Barack Obama

The completeness to which Barack Hussein Obama’s personal records have been kept secreted away from the general public is virtually on the order of a national security matter.  It is also a monument to mainstream press hypocrisy.  While demands were made for ever more openness and candor on the part of Republican presidential candidate John McCain, and vice presidential candidate Sara Palin, the mainstream media did not challenge Obama on any point of controversy regarding his past.

Outside the mainstream journalists and even bloggers have long sought any records that could help reveal Obama’s life.  Even a partial list to date of Obama’s unreleased personal records is breathtaking in their obscurity:

  • Selective Service Registration – Inquiries to the system allegedly returned a “no record” report.  Later, Obama’s record is alleged to have been created in 2008.  Unanswered is the question, did Obama register and if not, why?  Did he receive Federal subsidies at Occidental College?  If he did register, what was his status?
  • Occidental College- GCN has confirmed from Occidental that Obama’s student records, including his financial records, have not been released to the media.  How did he finance his education there?  Did he receive any scholarships and what kind?  Did he receive a foreign student scholarship?  What was his grade point average?  His freshman “Look Book” does state his name as Barack Obama, although at the time his acquaintances were introduced to him as “Barry.”
  • Columbia University- GCN has confirmed from Columbia that Obama’s student records remain unreleased.  Curiously, two major news organizations failed to identify any students who may have known Obama during his Columbia years.  Obama’s Columbia thesis paper is also “not available.”  Finance and scholarship issues from Occidental College also apply; particularly the question:     Did he attend Columbia on a “foreign” student scholarship?
  • Harvard Law School Records- unreleased.  How was his law school financed? Did he attend on a foreign student scholarship?  Did he receive funds from a third party? If so, whom?  What was his grade point average?
  • Medical records – Only a short 276 word executive summary was released after charges of hypocrisy over Obama campaign demands for McCain to release his medical records.  In comparison, McCain revealed his entire file to a panel of journalists.

Considering that Obama was electioneering for the highest office in the nation, it is even more disturbing how the mainstream press gave him complete passes on all of these questions while pursuing investigations of Sarah Palin, her husband, children, and even church.

So extensive have investigations into Palin’s governance, she has recently stepped down citing the half million dollars she and her husband owe for their legal defense.

Despite these investigations finding nothing on Palin, Democrat operatives made up stories from whole cloth in an effort to discredit her. These stories were repeated by the press as if they were fact.  Curiously, some Republicans within the McCain/Palin campaign appear to have aided some of these false stories either by their silence, or tepid remonstrative.

Fortunately, even as the mainstream press has refused to report on Obama, the alternative media has and done so with equally surprising tenacity.  This reportage has kept Obama from remaining a complete mystery and when the scattered bits and pieces of his life are assembled in one place, as we have done here at GCN, while far from complete, still form a preponderance of evidence as to his origins and true intentions.

Taken as a whole, what emerges then is a picture of Obama as being far from an unwitting tool for the far, far Left.  In actuality, he is in total agreement with not only them, but the foreign entities who work to undermine and end as we know it, the United States of America.

Sidebar- The Incredible Falsifying & Plagiarizing Media

By Perry Hicks

CBS’s Dan Rather was caught peddling laughably forged Vietnam era memos supposedly proving that George W. Bush was once AWOL; The Washington Post had to return a Pulitzer Prize when a reporter, Janet Cooke, fabricated a story about an 8 year old heroine addict.  Assistant Managing Editor Bob Woodward actually defended Cooke’s story.

The New York Times has repeatedly been in hot water over fraudulent stories beginning in 1932 when a Pulitzer was won by Walter Duranty for his reportage on the Soviet Union.  More recent exposure came when the ‘Times spiked a story connecting Obama to both ACORN and Project Vote.  Then their was the New York Times reporter, Jayson Blare, who was also exposed for fabrication and plagiarism in his reporting.

Boston Globe reporter Patricia Smith filed falsified stories and Globe columnist Mike Barnacle was caught plagiarizing; ABC star anchor Charles Gibson attempted to convince viewers that Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin was ignorant of “THE” Bush Doctrine when in fact there had been four different ones.

Incidentally, The New York Times commentary on Gibson’s Palin interview interview also got it wrong.  

Then there is Pulitzer Prize winning historian Joseph Ellis.  He was caught falsely claiming in a Boston Globe article that his Vietnam service was in combat.  While Ellis did serve in uniform, he did not go to Vietnam much less fight there.

Pulitzer Prizes, by the way, are administered by Columbia University.

The bottom line: When the Democrat’s defenders attempt to fall back on the reputation of “credible” journalists, they really need to amend their argument to site the mainstream media as simply “incredible.”

Additional Information:

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