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Cruisin' the Coast in Pascagoula, a First for the City
Thursday it was in Ocean Springs and Bay St. Louis

By Keith Burton   File 10/7/06
Photos by Bruce W. Smith and Larry Walton  

Friday, Cruisers visited Pascagoula and later attended a concert by Charlie Daniels at Pascagoula's Beach Park. This is the first year for Pascagoula to be included in Cruisin' the Coast.

Cruisers toured Pascagoula throughout most of the day. Organizers in Pascagoula hope the city will be included in future Cruisin' the Coast events.

Today thousands of area visitors are expected to line U.S. 90 in Biloxi and Gulfport to watch the cruiser drive up and down the beach highway. In the past, this portion of Cruisin' the Coast has been described as a kind-of Mardi Gras on wheels.

Here are some more photos of Thursday's Cruisin'.

Cruisers participating in the 2006 Cruisin' the Coast enjoyed a visit to Ocean Springs  and Bay St. Louis Thursday. While in Ocean Springs, they got an up-close look at the work underway to replace the Biloxi-Ocean Springs bridge destroyed by Katrina.

Cruisers that went to Bay St. Louis (photo left) were awestruck of what was no longer there in the city, which was very hard hit by Katrina. Still, over 150 cruisers showed up to have fun in what was once Bay St. Louis.

Over 4,000 cars and easily twice that many people are participating in this year's events. Cruisin' typically grows even larger during the latter days of the event. This is the 10th annual Cruisin' the Coast. Last year's event was cancelled as a result of the damages after Katrina. 

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