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Unusually Clear Water Along Biloxi Beach

GCN Report - Filed 4/3/04

Most of the time the waters along the Coast beaches are murky to say the least. That is not to say that it is polluted, but the murkiness is due to the high levels of silt from area rivers and the normal tides of the Mississippi Sound.

But not this weekend. Instead of the normal murky brown or greenish water,  it is unusually clear. Visibility is good through the water for more than a few feet. Along the beach in Biloxi, you can easily see rocks and shells that normally are hard to see.

Beachgoers clearly enjoyed the cleaner-looking water Saturday, as many were playing in the water, and doing the things people do when they visit the beach.

Most likely, the clearer water is due to the lack of rains over the last several weeks, and the strong winds and currents that drive the flow of water in the Mississippi Sound. That is not to say the clear water will hang around though, but right now is a good time to enjoy the difference.