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Opposition To Moving CSX RR Tracks Growing
Website Established to Help Derail the Plan

From: USNewswire   File 4/21/06

The free-market grassroots group Americans for Prosperity (AFP) today unveiled http://www.RailroadToNowhere.com -- a comprehensive website featuring updated news, photos and other information about a controversial $700 million earmark in pending Senate "emergency" spending legislation.

The proposed earmark would use federal taxpayer dollars to rip up brand-new railroad tracks in Mississippi that were just rebuilt after they were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. The group's President, Tim Phillips, visited the site of the proposed earmark in Gulfport, Miss., last week as part of AFP Foundation's "Ending Earmarks Express," a nationwide grassroots bus tour of egregious earmarks.

In addition to providing links to photos that Americans for Prosperity Foundation took in Gulfport last week, the website will help taxpayers learn more about the earmark with updated links to news coverage about the project and to all of Americans for Prosperity’s related news releases, letters and blog postings. However, Phillips said that the most important aspect of the website is a list of phone numbers and e-mail addresses for every U.S. Senator. A vote on the earmark is expected in the Senate next week.

"During my first four months as President of Americans for Prosperity, I have traveled to 16 states and talked with many Americans from all walks of life," Phillips said. "The folks I've talked with are absolutely fed up with the wasteful pork-barrel spending coming out of Congress, and this website will help grassroots taxpayers voice that frustration directly to their Senators before next week’s vote."

Phillips yesterday sent a letter on behalf of Americans for Prosperity members to every U.S. Senator. In the letter, he urged Senators to remove this $700 million earmark from the emergency spending bill.

"To be sure, Hurricane Katrina qualified as an emergency and we as a nation should help the citizens of the Gulf Coast who had their lives turned upside down by the storm," Phillips said in the letter. "However, after personally visiting Gulfport, I remain more convinced than ever that appropriating $700 million in an 'emergency' spending bill to destroy one of the only things that has been completely rebuilt there is the wrong way to manage the taxpayers' money. After all, if tearing down the railroad and moving it a few short miles away is such an urgent 'emergency,' why was the railroad rebuilt after Katrina destroyed it, at a cost of nearly $300 million?"

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