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Secretary of State Eric Clark Announces He Will Not Seek Re-Election
By: Keith Burton - GCN 2/5/07

Mississippi's three-term Secretary of State Eric Clark announced Monday that he will not be seeking re-electionPicture of Eric Clark for a fourth term in office. Clark made his announcement in a news release sent to GCN.

Clark thanked his supporters through the years and his staff. Clark did not indicate what his plans will be in the future other than to "serve the people of this state that he loves so much."

Clark said he is proudest for his work on the Tidelands Lease issue that were established on the Coast, and directing the lease money toward coastline projects.

"First, I have spent countless hours working on the Gulf Coast tidelands issues. When I took office, there were hundreds of potential lawsuits involving coastal property issues. Additionally, I have worked hard to strike a balance between economic development (particularly casino-related development) and preservation of our national resources.  Since 1996, we amicably resolved nearly all private ownership issues without lawsuits," Clark said in his news release.

Clark also said his second major achievement as Secretary of State was overseeing the implementation of the federal "Help America Vote Act" of 2002, which overhauled the state's voter rolls and equipped counties with more modern voting equipment.

To read Clark's complete statement: CLICK HERE (.pdf file)

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