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Biloxi seeks analysis of impact
of traffic from proposed condos
City Council to Decide on Funding Study


by Keith Burton - GCN   Filed 7/31/05


Could Biloxi's traffic-jammed beach highway become a parking lot as a result of condominium development? That is a question that the city wants some specific answers to.


Mayor A.J. Holloway will be asking the City Council on Tuesday to approve the second part of an analysis of Biloxi’s infrastructure to ensure the city is in place to accommodate the massive amount of proposed condominium development in Biloxi.

This past week city councilmembers unanimously approved a resolution to hire a local engineering firm that would analyze the city’s capacity to treat wastewater from the 3,100 condo units proposed in project in west Biloxi. At the council meeting on Tuesday, the mayor will ask councilmembers to approve the city’s share of funding for an analysis of methods to deal with the increased traffic that would result from the proposed units.

“With all of the growth, we’re making sure that we have the capacity in place – infrastructure to handle things like wastewater treatment and traffic, for instance,” Holloway said in a story on the city's website.


“We’re taking a two-pronged approach to this. We’ve engaged a local firm to assess the current capacity and the demands of these proposed projects. Next week, we’re going to do the same thing with traffic," said Holloway.

“The fact is, Highway 90 will probably never be more than a scenic highway, but we need to make the most out of it by continuing to make sure the traffic signals are synchronized as best as they can be, and that we use other options to move traffic, which is something I’m going to ask be part of this analysis. And we need to make sure that we do not saddle our local residents with the burden of this proposed condo growth.”

Holloway is proposing that the city fund about $30,000 of a $150,000 contract with traffic engineers Neel Shaffer, with Gulf Regional Planning Commission and the Mississippi Department of Transportation funding the remainder.

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