D'Iberville Man Invents Guitar Teaching Tool

EZ Slide Chord Cuts Time it Takes to Play Music

By Keith Burton   Filed 8/1/06

Barry Davis of D'Iberville would seem an unlikely man to discover a way for people to learn to play a guitar. The licensed ship captain is not a musician, or particularly dexterous with his fingers and guitars are notoriously difficult to learn. Still, Davis has invented a simple device that makes playing a guitar much simpler for beginners and yet fulfilling enough to sound terrific.

Barry’s device is called the EZ Slide Chord and he has started a small company to license and sell the device. Barry says he already has several music stores carrying his invention and he hopes to soon open a small shop up at Edgewater Mall.

The EZ Slide Chord is a plastic slide with tabs attached to the bottom that when pressed against the strings, plays the universal bar chord, which Barry says is the hardest to finger on a guitar.

“This is training wheels,” Barry says. “It gets you playing faster and much easier. But it is not a free ticket. It still requires practice, but it is ten times easier.”

Barry’s invention stems from dreams he had and his love of music. Inspired by the music he had running through his mind and not being a trained musician, he sought a way to get the songs he was composing in his head out in some way. At first, he would find his friends who were musicians and sing the songs and the lyrics he had written. But he felt he could do more.

At 44 years old, his hands, from years of work at sea, were not up to the tasks of playing a piano or guitar. In his search for a solution, he came up with the device he named EZ Slide Chord.

The EZ Slide Chord, with even limited experience, enables a budding musician to play the most common sequences of chords used in thousands of songs. For people who write lyrics and songs, but don’t have the initial technique of playing a guitar, the EZ Chord could be their answer to a prayer.

To learn more about the EZ Slide Chord and talk to Barry, he can be reached by telephone or by land mail. The price is $29.99 and that includes an instructional DVD, music book of songs and more.

His telephone number is 1-601-329-3827. His address is EZ Chord LLC, 633 Octave Drive, D’Iberville, MS. 39540.

You can also find out more on Barry's website at www.ezslidechord.com