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Dickerson Website Online
By: Keith Burton - GulfCoastNews.com    Filed 1/13/05

Gulfport mayoral candidate Steve Dickerson is taking his campaign to the World Wide Web but hopes folks at home will tune in.

Dickerson's website, www.stevemeansbusiness.com is now online. The site features a huge amount of information about Dickerson and his plans for the city.

"Our web page makes it possible to provide much more detail about my platform, background and plans for our City's future than would ever be possible in any other way," Dickerson told GCN.

 "It also give us a way to communicate directly with the people living in Gulfport, to discuss their ideas and concerns and how our administration would address those ideas and concerns." 

Dickerson's website includes a biography with photos of his professional life going back to when he was in the Air Force.

 During his 19 years as a Gulfport resident, Dickerson worked as a reporter/anchor for WLOX-TV and as a journalist for the Sun Herald before he went to work for the City of Gulfport. His wife of 35 years,
Jean Rollins Dickerson, is a Gulfport teacher.

For the past two years, Dickerson has been the city's Business Development Coordinator. His website's name, "Steve Means Business" is taken from his campaign slogan.

"Also, it will give those who wish to support my campaign a way to let us know how they would like to help.  It's very important," Dickerson said.

Dickerson is among at least eight Gulfport residents that are expected to run for the post. The city' current mayor, Ken Combs, has announced he will not seek re-election.

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