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GulfCoastNews.com Easy to Find on Major Search Engines
Enjoys First Page Listing for Many Common Search Terms

By Keith Burton

GulfCoastNews.com is one of the easiest websites to find on Google and Yahoo, the two most used and popular search engines.

Search engines are the main way people find web sites and who search for information on the Internet. Being listed on the first page is a key benefit as it means the website is popular and easy to find.

In the ways people would search for information on the web about the Mississippi Gulf Coast, GulfCoastNews.com comes in before the Sun Herald newspaper, or is adjacent to the paper's listing. GCN also beats WLOX TV for online visibility.

On the Internet, it isn't just how many "hits" a web site gets, it is how easy it is for people to find the site. Hits can often be manipulated and can be misinterpreted. The same is true for "visits." The most important element of web site's performance is can it be found. A high search position also means that companies that advertise on an easy-to-find web site will be noticed.

When people search for information about an area, they generally use common terms, not often the specific name.

In being found, GulfCoastNews.com does very well.

For the search term "Gulf Coast News," GCN is listed number one on Google. For the search term, "Mississippi Coast News," GCN is listed just behind the Sun Herald on the first page.

For the common term "Gulf Coast," GCN is listed on Google in the seventh position on the first page, the Sun Herald doesn't even appear. If the search is for "Mississippi Coast," on Google, GCN appears second, the Sun Herald trails below in the fourth position.

If the search engine Yahoo is used, GulfCoastNews.com is listed first on the first page for the search term "Mississippi Coast News," and in the eighth position on Yahoo for a search under "Gulf Coast." The Sun Herald, or WLOX do not appear on the first page.

If the term "Mississippi Coast" is used to search on Yahoo, GCN appears in the fourth position on the first page.

GulfCoastNews.com also is found on the first page on Yahoo and Google for the search terms "Gulfport News," "Biloxi News," "Ocean Springs News," and even "Waveland News."

For anyone unfamiliar with the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and have a computer on the Internet, they will find GulfCoastNews.com without any difficulty.

Welcome to GulfCoastNews.com