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Baptist Conference Center at Henderson Point Not to be Rebuilt, Land to be Sold

Story and Photos by Keith Burton - GCN   11/6/06

The sprawling three-story, white painted Baptist conference center on Henderson Point, west of Pass Christian is to be sold. The center took heavy damages from Katrina and the site has been left desolate since the hurricane. Baptists at their annual convention in Jackson recently chose not to rebuild the Gulfshore Baptist Assembly conference center.

The conference center has been used for years for summer camps for Baptists throughout the region. Its picturesque location, right on the shoreline was both its draw and its demise. The Baptists decided that the increased cost of rebuilding on the Coast, along with new codes and higher insurance, would be poor stewardship of their money. They decided to sell the property and never to rebuild on the Coast. They also decided not to sell the property to a casino.

Proceeds from selling the conference center property will go to other Baptist camps in the state.

Mississippi Baptists are expected to build another conference center somewhere in the state but no site has been chosen.

The Baptists conference center is just the latest loss from Katrina. Many churches, from a wide number of denominations have decided to close and sell their shoreline properties along the Mississippi Coast.

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