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Coroner: Katrina claimed 53 in Biloxi
From City of Biloxi   Vincent Creel   2/1/06

Harrison County Gary T. Hargrove Tuesday told the mayor and City Council that Hurricane Katrina had claimed 53 victims in Biloxi, as of this week. Biloxi has largely cleaned up the debris from Hurricane Katrina where any additional bodies could be found.

Hargrove, speaking during Tuesday's City Council meeting, said that number could increase because as many as 400 persons are listed as missing countywide.

Of the 53 confirmed fatalities in Biloxi, a figure that includes one unidentified male, Hargrove said the average age was 58, with youngest being 22 and oldest, 90; and 14 were females and 39 were males.

To read the names of Biloxi victims, as they appeared in the coronerís report to city leaders, click here.

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