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Biloxi Residents Urged to Call City Regarding Debris Removal on Their Property

by Keith Burton - GCN    Filed 2/1/06

Biloxi residents that need to have debris removed from their property by the city are being urged to call the city to make sure city contractors know what to do when they arrive to do the work. Even property owners that do not need the service need to call in areas the city has authorized the work.

The city has published a list of properties  where contractors will be clearing property. This list includes properties that residents did not file a "Right of Entry" form (Click Here to see if your property is listed). City officials said that large tracks of land from DeBuys road to then east and south of the railroad tracks were classified as "condemned" so that the city could receive reimbursement for the debris removal from FEMA. But as a result, many property owners may not realize that their property is on the list.

Contractors have painted with orange paint the street address and a code that indicates what type of work will be done. The code includes the property address and either an "X" or "CC." If there is an "X" next to the address, no Right of Entry form has been submitted by the property holder. If there is a "CC" next to the address number, contractors will either remove the remains of a home, or clean the property from heavy debris.

But regardless of what is painted on the street in front of property owner's homes, they should call the city. The number is 435-6270, or email city at dking@biloxi.ms.us  and speak to Denise King in the Community Development Department. Residents can also call the contractor, Neil Schaefer at 374-1211.

While the city wants to avoid contractors making a mistake an removing structures or items from property, there is a the possibility that mistakes can be made. Notifying the city is resident's best choice to avoiding such problems.

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