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Biloxi Council to Re-visit Flood Elevation Issue, other Issues

From: City of Biloxi   Vincent Creel   Filed 2/26/07  GCN

Mayor A.J. Holloway on Tuesday will be asking the City Council to revisit one of the fundamental issues of the city's on-going storm recovery – adopting FEMA’s proposed flood map to govern new construction.

Enacting the measure would increase the size of the flood zone in Biloxi and raise construction levels from 3 to 25 feet in some areas, while failing to pass the ordinance would jeopardize tens of millions of dollars in federal funds needed to rebuild public facilities and could see Biloxi property owners become ineligible for flood insurance or financial aid.

Holloway, who first brought up the issue to a reluctant council months ago, re-introduced the issue last week, after the city received a letter from FEMA advising the city of the penalties should the advisory base flood elevations, or so-called ABFEs, not be enacted promptly.

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To hear FEMA’s methodology in determining flood elevations and identifying flood-prone areas in Biloxi and along the Gulf Coast, click here.

To see a map showing existing and proposed flood zones, click here.

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Elsewhere on the 14-item agenda

Mayor A.J. Holloway will be asking the City Council to approve the purchase of more than a quarter-million dollars worth of heavy equipment for use in the city’s Public Works Department.

The measure is one of 14 items on the council’s agenda for its 1:30 meeting Tuesday afternoon.

Beside the heavy equipment purchases, the council will face measures involving zoning issues involving residential cases on Lorraine Road and Beach Boulevard.

To see the complete agenda and available resolutions, click here.

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