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Biloxi Harbors Will Not See Power Until After First of the Year

By Keith Burton - GCN         9/27/06

From the GCN Political Message Board:

Why is there still no power at Point Cadet Marina, over a year after Katrina?

We now know why.

Biloxi officials tell GulfCoastNews.com that the city's harbors will not have their own electricity until well after the first of 2007.

"We are expected to go out for bids soon," said Frank Dugan director of the Biloxi Port Commission. "But it will take some time for the work to be completed. We have had to deal with FEMA and the Bureau of Marine Resources regarding our plans for the harbors."

Boat owners have been expressing concern about the lack of electrical power at the harbors the city operates. None of the city's harbors, which are located on Point Cadet,  near the Hard Rock Casino, and on Back Bay east of Boomtown Casino, have had power since Hurricane Katrina over a year ago.

Large boat need shore power to help bilge pumps operate. Some boat owners have rigged their own power to their boats, but they have to have approval by the Port Commission, the electrical inspectors from the city and from Mississippi Power.

Dugan says that Mississippi Power is involved to make sure that boat owners do not over-tax the electrical transformers near the harbors.

While boaters are using the harbors at Point Cadet near the Isle of Capri and the commercial harbors near the Hard Rock Casino and on Back Bay, the main Biloxi Harbor is not in use. That harbor took heavy damage from Hurricane Katrina. The city is working on plans to restore the harbors but look for most of the work to begin next year, the exact dates are still not determined.

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