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Mayor: More than 88 percent of eligible debris removed

From: City of Biloxi - Vincent Creel   Filed 4/12/06

Biloxi Mayor A.J. Holloway told a Biloxi Chamber of Commerce audience Tuesday morning that the city has removed debris from nearly 90 percent of FEMA-approved private properties throughout the city.

However, Holloway noted that about 3,000 Biloxi property owners had filed Right of Entry agreements to have their property cleared of debris, but FEMA ruled that only 2,600 were eligible for the city to clear,

“And,” Holloway declared, “of that 2,600, we’ve cleared 2,273 through April 7.”

He also told audience members that as of today, the city’s storm debris removal teams had hauled more than 2.36 million cubic yards of debris, which would amount to enough debris to cover a football field and stand more than 110 stories high.

Said the mayor: “The big question mark we face these days is when and if FEMA will give us the OK to haul off the remainder of the debris. We’re going to continue seeking that approval.”

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