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Demolition of Biloxi Comfort Inn Underway

By Keith Burton - GCN 3/14/07

Demolition crews are now on the site of the former Comfort Inn and Comfort Inn Suites on the beach along U.S. 90 and Iberville Drive. The workers appeared Monday, just a few days after GulfCoastNews.com reported that Biloxi Police had arrested two vagrants that were staying at the former motel and plaguing residents on Iberville Drive.

The motel was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina back in September 2005 and nothing had been done to the site since the storm.  The site is considered another location for a possible condominium complex. It is uncertain as to whether the motel will be rebuilt.

Never-the-less, the demolition will removed one of the few remaining large beachfront structures that Katrina had destroyed, and eliminate the site as a home for traveling vagrants.

Two weeks ago, one Iberville Drive resident returning home from his night shift, found a vagrant sleeping at his home's entrance behind his screened porch. Earlier that week a vagrant, reeking of alcohol, was panhandling for money. He even approached a home at night knocking at the door, alarming the homeowner's family.

Several weeks earlier, a vagrant, carrying gallon jugs was seen filling up the jugs from a water faucet in front of a home on the street. But for months, the vagrants, often carrying backpacks, have been seen walking up and down Iberville Drive, even into the early morning hours.

Due to the complaints, GulfCoastNews.com contacted the city about the problem. The city reacted swifty.

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