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Army Corps of Engineers Ending Debris Cleanup in Hancock County Communities and Pass Christian

Received from: The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers     Filed 8/11/06  GCN

(Editor's Note: GCN received the following from the Army Corps of Engineers. It is reproduced here in without any added commentary.)

Noteworthy items associated with the Army Corps of Engineers current FEMA tasker, scheduled to end 28 August, for debris pick up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. 

We will complete the last right-of-way sweep in Bay St Louis today.  The areas where contract crews are working includes Bay Marina, Deroche, and Riverview-Skyline streets.  We have a few odds and ends to pick up in BSL next week, but this will conclude the final Corps right-of-way sweep in Bay St. Louis.

*  We anticipate completing all remaining Rights-of-Entry private property clean ups assigned to us on the Gulf Coast in the coming week.

The Corps debris mission assigned to us by FEMA is for removal of eligible debris on the assigned community rights-of-way and for removal of debris on private property as requested by the local municipalities through the ROE process.  We are currently making our final right-of-way sweeps in our remaining work zones in Bay St Louis, Pass Christian and Waveland and will begin our final ROW pass in Hancock County next week.   All Corps debris pick up and demos under this FEMA task order will be basically complete on or about 23 August.

Michael Logue
RFO Public Affairs
Task Force Hope Mississippi


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