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Debris Removal Deadline Extended To June 30

From: FEMA   Filed 3/1/07  GCN

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has extended the deadline for 90 percent federal funding of construction and demolition debris stemming from Hurricane Katrina to June 30. The extension by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) covers the storm surge areas of Hancock, Harrison and Jackson counties.

Debris removal from public rights of way, including removal of concrete slab debris, is limited to property addresses that received regular garbage pickup service from local governments prior to Hurricane Katrina. The debris removal will include the removal and disposal of abandoned vehicles and boats that can be legally disposed of as debris by the local authority or the state.

Property owners must complete a right-of-entry form available at their local building department by the deadline set by their local jurisdiction.

FEMA and the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency jointly coordinate and monitor debris removal operations while ensuring appropriate guidelines are followed for the removal of debris from public and private lands.

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