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Biloxi Mayor Agrees with Governor's Request to Extend Time on FEMA Trailers, But the Clock is Ticking

From: City of Biloxi    Vincent Creel     Filed 12/11/06  GCN

Mayor A.J. Holloway today said that he agrees with Governor Haley Barbour’s request that FEMA extend the time frame for temporary trailers, but at the same time, residents need to realize that even if FEMA grants the extension to February 2008, the clock is ticking on how long the trailers will be in place.

“The original agreement with FEMA and MEMA was for the temporary trailers to be in place for 18 to 24 months, and we’ll be reaching the 18-month point in February 2007,” Holloway said, noting that about 2,500 permits have been issued for temporary trailers in Biloxi.

“By requesting an extension from FEMA that would go to February 2008, I think the governor is being realistic,” Holloway said. “I think the important thing here for people to know is this: These trailers are temporary and transitional housing, and people who are able to need to start making the transition.

“People have now had 16 months since the storm to get their affairs in order. Some people would say we’re past the time to move forward. The bottom line is that we don’t want these temporary trailers in our city for the next three to five years.

“Those people who are still thinking about whether or not they want to rebuild need to get past this phase of their lives and move forward. I also appreciate that people have a number of reasons – whether it’s insurance or waiting on a homeowners grant. That’s why the extension is important, but these trailers have wheels for a reason. They are temporary.”

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