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CNN's Kathleen Koch Honored at Gala Event in Hancock County
GCN's Mark Proulx Does Introduction

by Keith Burton - GCN        10/29/06

It was an emotional Saturday evening for CNN's Kathleen Koch.

Koch, a Hancock County native, was honored for her Hurricane Katrina news reporting on the network during an Our Lady Academy, "Hooray for the Bay" event held at the convention center at the Hollywood Casino. Koch was honored with a proclamation from the Hancock County Board of Supervisors for her work (Photo above right). County Supervisor Vice President Lisa Cowand (left) presented Koch with a plaque memorializing Koch for her work.

The gala event, which was also a fund raiser for the all girls Catholic school was well attended with over 300 Hancock County community leaders, school alumni and residents turning out for the dinner and ceremonies. Koch was introduced by GCN correspondent Mark Proulx, who has been a long-time friend of Koch and who has followed her career in broadcasting. (photo left)

Koch has been instrumental in helping to keep the Mississippi Coast in the national media spotlight when much of the media's attention was focused on New Orleans. Her reporting from Hancock County was seen by many as a key factor on getting help for the badly devastated county and the city's of Bay St. Louis and Waveland.

Our Lady Academy was severely damaged by the hurricane. The school, located in Bay St. Louis, is the only all girl high school in the state. Koch is a 1974 graduate. Hurricane Katrina flooded OLA with more than seven feet of water and destroyed one of its buildings. While repairs are still ongoing, the school has reopened and classes for some 240 students are underway. But before the school could reopen, classes were held at nearby St. Stanislaus.

In the introduction by Proulx, Koch was praised for her work and described as "you are my hero and a real hero for Hancock County." Koch thanked the presenters and the people that had come to the event and said that the real heroes were the people. She said their tenacity and hard work to recover from the hurricane that is underway inspired her to do what she could to help.

The following are some photos of the event.

Mark Proulx and Kathleen Koch

Katrini Glasses were available for $25 to help raise money for Our Lady Academy.

Proulx and Koch Koch was honored at the Hollywood Casino Convention Center. The Hollywood has the only large meeting and banquet facilities currently usable in Hancock County.
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