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Lott, Cochran: $18 Million Slated for Waveland, Stone County, Moss Point and Pearl River County

From Sen. Trent Lott     Filed 4/1/06   GCN

Federal funding totaling almost $18 Million is slated for Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts in Waveland, Stone County, Moss Point and Pearl River County, U.S. Senators Trent Lott and Thad Cochran said Friday.

“These federal grants represent one more step on Mississippi’s steady and sure road to recovery,” Senator Lott said.  “This funding will be well received in these communities, helping to replace vital public infrastructure and offsetting huge local costs incurred as part of the ongoing debris removal process.”

The federal package is broken down as follows:

$7,070,821.20/(FEMA Share) $6,363,739.08 City of Waveland- Hurricane Katrina caused extensive flooding throughout the City of Waveland in Hancock County, Mississippi. The flooding and storm surge caused severe damage to the City's water distribution system south of the CSX Railroad tracks. Damage assessments of the distribution system have deemed the damage too extensive to allow for a cost-effective, timely repair, and conclude that the entire system must be replaced. This $7,070,821.20 represents the estimated cost to restore the City's water distribution system to its pre-disaster design, capacity, and function

$2,631,264.00 Stone County- Hurricane Katrina uprooted trees and scattered limbs, depositing hazardous debris throughout Stone County. Initial estimates have been amended and currently stand at 675,000 cubic yards of eligible debris, and the monitoring estimate is currently $1,519,255.00. This $2,631,264.00 is in addition to previous funding awarded to Stone County to support the cost of debris removal and brings the total amount funded for this project to $14,576,764.

$2,177,122.00/(FEMA Share) $1,959,409.80 Moss Point School District- Hurricane Katrina caused serious damage the Magnolia Junior High School in Moss Point, which is located within Jackson County. The school is composed of four wings totaling 82,120 SF and accommodates 550 students. As a result of the storm surge, water levels reached a height of 40" depositing mud, debris and other contaminants throughout the school, and damaging building contents and equipment. Damaged items include nearly 14,000 library and text books, 274 computers, 30 laptop computers, servers and other network equipment, and classroom furniture. This $2,177,122 represents the estimated cost to replace the damaged items restoring the facility to its pre-disaster condition.

$6,036,319.00 Pearl River County- Hurricane Katrina scattered approximately 4.7 million cubic yards of debris on public and private property throughout Pearl River County. This            $6,036,319 represents the estimated contract cost of debris monitoring and contract management for the work still to be completed, which is primarily debris removal from private property. This brings the total funded for this project to $10,166,815.

The funding will be administered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency FEMA and the State of Mississippi.

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