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Mississippi's Congressional Delegation Performance on Immigration Mixed
by Keith Burton - GulfCoastNews.com          Filed 4/28/05

Mississippi's Washington delegation is not doing too good of a job regarding illegal immigration issues. According to Americans for Better Immigration, an organization that monitors illegal immigration issues and ranks Washington politicians on their immigration voting record. It seems  our state's delegation only gets a "C+" for controlling immigration.

While that might not sound so bad, the ranking for the state's most powerful representatives, Republican Senator's Trent Lott and Thad Cochran, as well as Democratic Representative Benny Thompson, received scores that would get them sent home with a bad report card if they were in school.  Cochran, Lott  and Thompson all received a "D-" for their current record on immigration voting.

But that is not to say all of the state's Republican or Democratic representatives got bad grades. Representatives Charles Pickering  and Roger Wicker received an "A-."

Democratic Representative Gene Taylor also received an "A-" for his recent voting record on immigration.

The Americans for Better Immigration website contains a detailed breakdown of how Mississippi's, and the rest of the nation's Washington delegations voted on immigration. What is clear is that it seems Mississippi's most powerful representatives have the weakest records for dealing with the nation's growing immigration problem.

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