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Smokin' the Sound a
Huge Success

Keith Burton - GulfCoastNews.com
Photos by Bruce W. Smith and Larry Walton - Editorial Services

Thousands of spectators lined Biloxi's beach and packed observation decks of the city's shoreline casinos to watch this year's Smokin' the Sound Sunday (April 24, 2005). The high speed offshore racing  event had perfect weather and sea conditions for the boat's captains to run the boats at their maximum performance levels.

An estimated crowd of more than 15,000 people were one hand to enjoy the race, which is part of the Offshore Super Series Powerboat Racing Association series.

Offshore powerboat racing thrills its fans with speed, high flying and colorful racing boats where photo finishes are the norm. Also part of the performance are the helicopters which hover as close as 100 feet from the boats. Some of the larger boats can easily exceed speeds over 140 mph over rough water.

Professional photographers and journalists Bruce W. Smith and Larry Walton with Editorial Services LLC captured some of the excitement here in this photo report exclusively for GulfCoastNews.com

Smokin' the Sound

These are the top three finishers in each class at the 2nd annual Smokin' the Sound race:

OSS Outboard: 1. Bermuda Berrycuda; 2. Pour it On; 3. MOJO.

OSS Vee Lite: 1. Wildcard; 2. Wild Ride; 3. Typhoon.

OSS Cat Lite: 1. Ettore; 2. Page Motorsports; 3. Motley Crew.

OSS Vee: The Switch; 2. Spiderman; 3. Pier 57/Twisted Metal Motorsports.

OSS Super Cats: 1. Team CRC; 2. Bacardi Silver; 3. Popeye.

Governor Haley Barbour and his wife Marsha on board the pace boat at the 2005 Smokin' the Sound. Mrs. Barbour is at the helm, the governor is riding behind.

This is the second year for Mrs. Barbour to pilot one of these high-power boats. She is an avid boat racing fan.
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