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Gulfport Waterpark to Open
by Keith Burton - GulfCoastNews.com     Filed 7/13/05

It is finally official. The long-awaited, and often postponed opening of the Gulf Islands Waterpark at the Gulfport Sportplex will really happen. The fun starts this Friday at 9 a.m.home

Company representatives and Gulfport city officials have completed their inspections this week. They had hoped to open earlier this month but rain, a tropical storm and hurricane delayed the process. But that is all behind them now.

"We are just really excited to bring this quality park to the Coast and get it open," said Tom South, owner and chief financial officer.

The word about the opening Friday was posted on the waterpark's website Wednesday afternoon. The news media has been all over the saga of the waterpark since construction delays and changes in designs delayed the project for over a year. As the project got close to opening, park officials say they have been inundated with phone calls about it's opening day.

Park employees and work crews are still working on last minute setup details such as putting up chairs and tables and cleaning any last minute construction debris. But South says the park will be ready Friday morning.

Getting into the park is not difficult from Canal Road, but congestion may slow things down a bit. South says there will be traffic control officers on hand.

The park features water rides that have local-oriented themes such as the Horn Island Blaster, the Coast's first and only water rollercoaster; and the Deer Island Express, which is a tube slide complex that takes you 357 feet on a single tube from a 38-foot incline with what is described as the fastest splash-down in the park.

Gulf Islands Waterpark leases the 18-acre site from Gulfport, which will share in a portion of the park's proceeds.

The Gulf Islands Waterpark is located just off of I-10 west of  Highway 49 in Gulfport.

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