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Illegal Immigration
and the Failure of National Leadership

by Keith Burton - GCN

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Recently the Pew Hispanic Center released a study showing that there are around 10.5 to 11-million illegal aliens now living in the United States, mostly from Mexico. But those figures may be too conservative. Instead, some experts think the total is closer to 20-million illegal aliens in the U.S.  This is tantamount to an invasion of almost unbelievable size. “An invasion,” you say? “No way.”  You think that my comment is extreme? Hang on, the reality should upset you.

To help put the numbers of illegal immigrants in perspective, you may be surprised to learn that using the Pew study’s figures, the number of illegal immigrants exceed the total population of nine states combined! Just take a second and picture that on a map and consider what it means.

1.       Mississippi - 2,881,281

2.       Arkansas - 2,725,714

3.       South Dakota - 764,309

4.       Alaska - 648,818

5.       North Dakota - 633,837

6.       Vermont - 619,107

7.       Wyoming - 501,242

8.       Idaho - 1,366,332

9.       Maine - 1,305,728

The above data are July 1, 2003 estimates of state population from the U.S. Census Bureau.

The United States, until the last decade, successfully held off the number of illegal immigrants coming to this country from Mexico. Historians will remember that one of the reasons the U.S. entered into World War I against Germany (Zimmeran Telegram) was to block a German and Mexican alliance from forming and using the southern border for invasion.


The rosy relationship our national leadership has extended to Mexico in the last fifteen years has been tantamount to giving away everything our parents and grandparents did to build and secure our nation, and establish a future for our children.

Yeah, our children. Who today is thinking about their future? And people wonder why a growing number of our youth see their lives and future so bleakly that some erupt and begin shooting sprees at schools.

Our president and Congress have taken away the future from young people. The never ending “War on Terror,” and illegal alien invasion have left our young people with truly the bleakest future of any generation. Worse, it seems that no one in power cares. It is almost a certainty that a growing number of our young people know that they may not have it as good as their parents. What a disgraceful legacy of our leaders.

Illegal immigrants are taking jobs that young people need to begin their lives and careers. Illegal aliens are depressing wages of regular workers, and worse, we all are paying for it in skyrocketing medical costs, higher school costs, and the sheer ridiculousness of having to put up with “press two for English” on every phone.


In a evaluation of a series of wage studies published in 1992 found a sharply negative impact of illegal aliens on wages. The report found:

“The better model showed a decline of more than 12 percent in the earnings of low-skilled natives for each 10 percent increase in immigrants..."

The report goes on to say:

“These are powerful results. A 10 percentage point increase in the number of immigrants in an SMSA (Standard Metropolitan Statistical Areas) results in almost a 20 percent fall in Black males' earnings, and 14 percent for Black females. Since the percentage of immigrants has been rising dramatically in many SMSA's in the U.S.—by more than 10 percent per decade in cities such as Los Angeles, Long Beach, Miami, Atlanta, Albuquerque, and Jersey City, the issue is of more than academic interest.”

Remember, this was in 1992!

With between 11 and 20-million illegal immigrants in the U.S. we can now see the B.S. that the politicians have revealed about “new” jobs. They have gone to support the illegal immigrants. It is a certainty that the nation does not need 11 to 20-million illegal immigrants to help on farms and at chicken processing factories. Illegal immigration is forcing salaries down everywhere. Illegal immigrants are working in the building trades, heavy construction, landscaping, service and hospitality industries all over the country.


What we have here folks is the betrayal of a nation.

Since 911, our borders are no more secure than they were the day the Twin Towers collapsed. Proof is also evident in that illegal drugs coming into the U.S. are still as plentiful as in the past and no more expensive than they were before 911. Our porous borders also calls to question our current military policy in fighting "The War on Terror" overseas. If our borders at home are not secure, what good is it to fight so far away?

Clearly, the "War on Terror" is no more effective or real than "The War on Drugs," which is currently a huge failure.  If our politicians would admit it, those two “wars” are not wars at all, but proof that our national politicians no longer are protecting the individual states they are to serve.

I still vividly remember that shortly after the Twin Towers were struck, President Bush strangely told a shocked nation to "go back to the stores and restaurants, as if that was our patriotic duty  in a time of "war."

The fact is that the President and Congress are pulling a fast one on the public. Shortly after 911, the 107th Congress met in a huge press-covered event and voted to go to war against terrorism. But the truth is, and this is truly amazing, the "Declaration of War" bills that appeared to have been passed in a concurrent resolution by both the Senate and House, have never been signed by the president. They are languishing in committees. And have remained so since the day the TV cameras were turned to other issues, such as the nearly endless stream of celebrity and court scandals. You can even put the tragic Terri Schiavo story into that mix.


The problems and lies associated with illegal immigration lay at the feet of our national government, which seems to no longer represent the people of this nation, nor the states. This cannot go on if we are to be a nation.

Don’t you feel queasy every time the word “homeland” is uttered by the President? Isn’t a homeland somewhere that you don’t live any more?

Who of us today can recognize the nation we grew up within? Within just one generation, our nation has changed so dramatically, that many of us are beginning to feel we are living in a foreign land. And it is soon to get worse. The recently passed Real ID bill will soon force the states to mandate a standard driver's license, a kind of internal U.S. passport. If they don't, you would not be able to fly, or get a job and more. Talk of the U.S. becoming a police state is growing nationwide with the centralized federal government continuing to take over rights the Constitution "guarantees" for the states.

America is a nation of individual states bound together by a Constitution. But it is clear that our national government is more concerned over international affairs and in supporting international businesses than protecting the people of this nation. The national government has spent itself into a big black hole, robbing our children’s future, and with the inaction over illegal immigration, placed our lives and future in danger.

Frankly, it seems that our nation is no longer in charge of its own affairs, that the U.S. is being directed by foreign agents. Could it be true that the huge foreign debt the U.S. owes has turned our nation into a helpless debtor? You do the research and see for yourself. Could it be that the huge number if illegal immigration is occurring because the U.S. HAS NO CHOICE? Is the U.S. really under the control of those we owe money?

What is the feeling we all have today? Can any of us really say we feel safer than yesterday? Do you really have any confidence that our national political leadership is doing a good job?

It is time to clean house. We still have the power of the vote, as weak as it is. The only reason our vote is so weak is so few actually vote. But who can blame them. If you sign up to vote, you can get drafted into court duty, which many people cannot afford to do. We can still send letters and write our Congressmen, as pathetic that is to some.

It seems that big business and our government are seeking to establish a new class of American…a peasant class. And if that peasant class doesn't include you, just look into the faces of your children and then try not to think it can't happen. Several recent immigration bills under consideration in Congress would create an immigrant worker program that would basically be amnesty for illegal aliens. The result would be to legitimize the new "peasant class" of citizen.

Is that an America you want to see?

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