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The Coming Conflict

It Has Finally Dawned On The Liberal Press That The Incursion Into Iraq Was More About Iran Than Saddam Hussein. The Real Question Is Can Establishing Western-style Democracies Alone Contain Iranian Mullahs?

By Perry Hicks    Filed 1/30/05

Seymour Hersh, the quite liberal Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist was recently on being interviewed on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show by the equally liberal Jon Stewart. Hersh had recently reported in New Yorker magazine his notion that the Bush administration invaded Iraq for the express purpose of attacking Iran and Syria. I hate to brag, but he could have read that here on GCN first: http://www.gulfcoastnews.com/GCNguestopinionWar1.htm

Iran has been fomenting discord, funding and otherwise enabling terrorists for decades. The mullah's objective is far more than removing Jews and Christians from the Middle East. They work and kill for world-wide dominion. Trying to repeat a cold war style containment scenario simply won't work. They are going to have to be soundly defeated.

Indeed, U.S. support for Saddam was an effort to keep these two "powers" in check by keeping them in a perpetual state of war. Their conflict was mutually exhausting, but Saddam was much weaker and in my view was likely to fall. With his government’s collapse would come the opportunity for the Iranian mullahs to enthrall Iraq’s Shia majority.

Iraq would fracture into three parts and the entire region would erupt in cross-border civil war. Turkey would battle the Kurds. Iran would fight for the Shia, and Syrian backed Sunni would fight for survival.

When the dust settled, what would have effectively been established is a belligerent radical Islamic Syria-Iraq-Iran-Afghanistan-Pakistan crescent across the northern border of the region. The remaining nations, including Israel, would quickly fall. With huge Muslim populations in central Europe, that region would go through a bloody upheaval and much of Africa would collapse.

Islamic insurgents would push Pakistan and India into possibly nuclear war over Kashmir. Every effort would be made to take northern India and as much other territory as to make possible linking Islamic Bangladesh and Indonesia. We are talking about half the planet coming under control of Islamo-fascism. All that would remain is the establishment of Osama Bin Laden’s long dreamed of world-wide Caliphate.

Establishing that would result in even more blood being spilled.

Of course, the west and Russia would likely be forced into using the bomb but even this could be dealt with if only Iran could develop its own weapon. The mullahs would not object to millions being incinerated. Paradise is filled with virgins. For the faithful, there will be plenty to go around.

It is a mistake to think that the west is too powerful or too populous to succumb to a radical Islamic onslaught. It might take decades, or even a century, but the west can be reduced (to a hellish technological dark age) just as the Romans were brought down. Western liberality will gradually recede as a virtual slavery- if not a literal one- will encroach over much of the world.

These Islamo-fascists will not be reasonable. They will not negotiate away their religious fervor driven goals. They simply must be defeated in such a way they will be dispirited from attempting it again- at least within the lifetime of several generations.

Don't think for a moment Russia and China are going to play patty-cake with them like we do. When they perceive a threat, they will reduce it by brutally attacking and laying waste to as much Islamic territory as possible. I think we can safely say billions will die.

We would be wise to take caution. These are dangerous times.


Perry Hicks is a former Mississippi Coast resident and was a correspondent for the old Gulfport Star Journal. He has appeared on Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor.” Perry has also hosted his own radio talk show on the auto industry with a mix of politics. 

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