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Monumental Incompetence

Radio Talk Show Host Michael Savage Identifies Liberalism As A Mental Disorder.  In Other Words, A Democrat Government Could Be Likened To An Insane Asylum Run By The Inmates.

Part Two

By Perry Hicks

Before Katrina had so rudely interrupted, the raging debate on GCN’s Message Board had been whether or not Biloxi Mayor AJ Holloway (R) should be getting a new a SUV.  After all, the environmentally sensitive argued, SUVs are too expensive and they “harm” the environment.

It never occurred to them that an SUV has intrinsic value in its size, power, and utility- attributes that just might be handy in the unlikely event of a natural disaster.

I had also been asked if I (gasp) actually thought people were better off under a Republican rather than a Democrat administration.  I answered in the affirmative and gave my reasons.  Katrina has more than validated that viewpoint.

Debacle in New Orleans

Take for example the Democrat run Louisiana and it little sin city, New Orleans.  Mayor Ray Nagin told the world that the storm cost his city 10 thousand lives.  The real figure was but a tenth of that.  He also ripped into FEMA, Bush, and even Louisiana Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco, saying that Bush had given her two options and, being unable to decide, opted to think it over for 24 hours.

But don’t believe for a moment the charismatic mayor had it all together.  While Blanco was far from watching his back, Nagin’s administration was also far from being blameless.  Clueless would be a more apt description.

Instead of mobilizing every available city transit and school bus to evacuate ahead of the storm as many people as possible, Mayor Nagin chose to send his hapless citizens to the Superdome. There, they found no food, water, or adequate security much less medical attention.

The total number of buses available to Nagin was about 700, enough to move perhaps as many as 45 thousand people in a single trip.  However, Nagin preferred to wait for more comfortable Greyhound coaches.  Hence, a majority of the school buses were submerged right where they had been left parked in neat little rows.

When Blanco did finally order an evacuation, the Superdome is reported to have housed 22-25 thousand people and the Convention Center another 20 thousand.  Thus, Mayor Nagin had ample transportation equipment at his disposal if he could have just made the decision to use it.

Using a combination of municipal and school buses was also a part of New Orleans’s evacuation plan- if he had just bothered to read it.

Yet, when asked about this blunder and others by NBC’s Stone Phillips, Nagin is reported to have replied, “That is a question for somebody else.”

Someone else?  Who the heck would that “else” be, Mayor?  With that attitude, you probably don’t think it is your responsibility that a third of your police force went AWOL in the face of an on-coming storm.  And there is a reason your police chief “retired,” and 2 other officers, one of which was in public affairs, committed suicide.  I think that reason is you- or at least the lack of rational, effective leadership.

Like the rest of the Democrats, Louisiana Governor Blanco was livid with Bush for the “slow Federal response,” and she was very icy toward the president during his visit to the state September 5th, 2005.  Before microphones, Blanco praised emergency relief workers but announced Bush with but a terse “I know I don’t need to make any other introduction other than ‘Mr. President.”

However, Blanco’s anger was misdirected.  While her criticisms of FEMA were valid, it was becoming increasingly clear was that Blanco had put politics over pragmatism.

On the Friday before the storm, President Bush had sent a legal memo to Blanco asking her to request a full Federal takeover of the evacuation.  Furthermore, Bush asked that the Feds have “unified control” over all local police and Nation Guard reporting to the Governor.  Blanco refused because she and other high officials thought that such a move was tantamount to martial law.  Others in her government thought this was a trick designed to lay blame on locals.

Worse still, the Red Cross was actually kept out of New Orleans by the Louisiana National Guard, ostensibly because officials didn’t want people getting too comfortable in the Superdome.  When the evacuation order came, they wanted the evacuees to leave.  In the meantime, people stuck in the Superdome without food and water suffered, and some even died, because readily available relief was not forthcoming.

However, all of that anti-Bush vitriol had dissipated just days later when Blanco did a one-eighty and took responsibility for the debacle in New Orleans. Furthermore, she went on to call President Bush a “friend and a partner.”

Huh?  Could Blanco have come to the conclusion that her Democrat hate-Bush rhetoric wasn’t working for her?  Could she have finally realized her accounts did not fit the timeline of facts?  Did she realize that city officials drove right past dying citizens on the infamous New Orleans highway overpass- blew by them, never stopping to render even the most basic humanitarian aid, even after FOX News Channel’s Shepherd Smith made his now famous on-air plea for help?

Hardly.  Her epiphany came in advance of a Los Angles Times article that would appear just 2 days later. The governor either learned, or was reminded, that 3 Louisiana Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness officials were awaiting trial for $60 million in missing or otherwise misused Federal funds.  2 other officials had also been named unindicted co-conspirators

Furthermore, FEMA was demanding Louisiana pay back as much as $30.4 million.  On one $15.4 million dollar project, 97% of the money spent did not even have receipts.  Ninety-seven percent!

Note that after her “friend and partner” remark; Blanco did not have to answer difficult questions when she testified before congress September 28th.  Blanco was permitted to limit her presentation to the economic development needed for her state to recover.

Regular GCN readers will remember that Governor Blanco selected her old family friend, and controversial former HCDC director, Michael J. Olivier, to be Louisiana’s Secretary of Economic Development.  One of HCDC’s many criticisms was that spending records were unlawfully being destroyed.

Olivier should fit right in.

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In Part Three, we will see how a visceral hatred for Bush clouds the left’s judgment.

Part 1 - Monumental Incompetence: Epitomized By The Democrat National Committee, The Left Arrogantly Presumes They Have All Of The Answers. However, Their Track Record Says Otherwise. Filed 8/21/05

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Perry Hicks is a former Mississippi Coast resident and was a correspondent for the old Gulfport Star Journal. He has appeared on Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor.” Perry has also hosted his own radio talk show on the auto industry with a mix of politics. Perry is a former college professor and a frequent contributor to GCN writing on stories of national importance with local interests. His articles can be found in the GCN Archive.

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