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Monumental Incompetence

To The Left, Getting Bush Is More Important Than Winning Elections.  Helping the RNC Is The ACLU, Cindy Sheehan, and Texas Prosecutor, Ronnie Earle.

Part Three

By Perry Hicks - Filed 11/3/05

The abject hatred the loony left has for George W. Bush knows no bounds.  It clouds the judgment of self-appointed elites that like to think of themselves as having a superior command of information.

“Think,” of course, is the operative word.  Owing to their dismissal of any source they perceive is even remotely fair to Bush, such notions of superiority is really more like conceit.  They lack critical information because they refuse to accept it, not on its merit, but based exclusively on its source.  Moreover, they will brook no unconformity to political correctness.

My personal experience has been that if I assert something from the news that is exculpatory to Bush, those on the left will universally deny the information and then sneeringly accuse me of watching too much FOX.

For example, when it is shown that said information comes from an “approved” source, such as the LA Times, New York Times, Washington Post, or San Francisco Chronicle, the same lefties back away in utter horror- and subsequently still refuse to believe it.

I have experienced this many times in just recent weeks.

The reason they cannot and will not hear anything other than what they want to hear is their pathological hatred for George W. Bush and their unswerving devotion to anarchy.

Seeing Red

This hatred of Bush, and anyone associated with him, is like nothing I have ever witnessed in my entire life.  There are no bounds to their hatred and their desire to personally destroy the president.  While they bristle at being called traitors, they seem to have no problem in undermining the safety and security of the Unites States- so long as the result will ouster Bush in disgrace.

And this comes from the same crowd who told Republicans to grow up and move on after Clinton won his first term as president.

Take for example, the actions by the ACLU to force the release of new Abu Ghraib photos from the Department of Defense.  Even though the original photo release resulted in homicide bombings and beheadings of innocent civilians- and the prosecution and conviction of the troops involved- the ACLU continues to sue for even more inflammatory images.

What could possibly be gained from further photographic released?  Still more damage to America’s image in the world?  Further embarrass the Bush administration?  Can the ACLU not see that many innocent people may die from renewing inflamed passions?

It would seem that if such violence happens again, it won’t matter to the ACLU.  Their apologists will gladly say it is all George Bush’s fault.

This concern of further violence is not unfounded.  The false report last spring, where Newsweek claimed that Korans were flushed down toilets at Guantanamo Bay, resulted in widespread riotous violence and a number of deaths.

How could Newsweek make such a grievous mistake?  They single-sourced their story and the source was not credible.

If multi-sourcing is fundamental to good journalism, why didn’t Newsweek practice it?

My theory is that they did it for the same reason CBS blew the National Guard memo claiming George W. Bush went AWOL:  They so fervently wanted it to be true.


Then there is Cindy Sheehan who uses her own son’s death in Iraq to advance her own anti-war, anti-Bush sentiments.

Cindy demands that we get out of Iraq now.  It matters not to her what would happen to several million Iraqis, particularly women, if they were suddenly left defenseless before a vengeful Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi, head of Al Qaeda in Iraq.

It isn’t that we- including Sheehan- haven’t had the opportunity to learn this lesson before. When the South Vietnamese Government fell April 30th, 1975, the North Vietnamese victors began a process of repression, enslavement, torture, and re-education that drove untold millions to flee their homeland.

It should be no surprise that Cindy’s Washington D.C. protest was jointly sponsored by the far-left United for Peace and Justice, and the bizarrely even farther left, International Answer.

Run by the communist Workers World Party, International Answer supports the likes of North Korea’s Kim Jong-Il, Fidel Castro, Slobodan Milosevic, and the “anti-capitalist resistance” fighting not just Iraq, but Afghanistan, as well.   

Cindy Sheehan is oblivious to all of this as she blathers on about Bush and war and is happily arrested for demonstrating without a permit. As she was being carried off, she actually seemed to be in a kind of delusional reverie, hardly the picture of a grieving mother.

The tragedy is that her son’s heroic death in Baghdad’s Sadr City could have been used to honor all those who have died in the effort to give life and make people free.  Instead, she has aligned herself with those who not so secretly support death and enslavement- and do so in the name of “social justice.”

It is but a small sacrifice in the Great Cause to get Bush.


Payback for Impeachment?

If there are those in the Democrat Party who embrace the credo that my enemy’s enemy is my friend, then there are those who will avenge those who participated in the impeachment of William Jefferson Blythe Clinton.

Consider how Travis County, Texas prosecutor Ronnie Earle (D) has been pursuing the last man standing from the Clinton impeachment, former House Majority Leader, Tom Delay (R.)

Delay was also instrumental in redistricting Texas to give Republicans a majority in that state’s legislature; double reason to bring him down.

The highly partisan Earle has been supposedly investigating Delay for violating a 2003 Texas law forbidding corporations from contributing directly to candidates.  Then late last month, Earle had Delay indicted to Democrats glee.

Unlike Democrats that cling to power after their transgressions have been exposed, Delay has stepped down, in accordance with party rules, from his post as majority leader pending outcome of the indictment.

The only problem with the indictment is that ace prosecutor Ronnie Earle indicted Delay for an “offense” that Earle himself says occurred in 2002- a year before the law was enacted- a point Delay’s defense attorney, Dick De Guerin made with great effect.

Realizing he had blundered and the original grand jury’s term was ending, Earle scrambled to get a new indictment for money laundering from a 2nd grand jury.  However, this 2nd panel refused to indict returning what is called a “no bill.”  Earle was reported to have become visibly angry at their refusal and the atmosphere in the grand jury room became “very unpleasant.”

Conventional wisdom is that most any prosecutor can get a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich. The problem with Earle’s vacuous attempt was that it reportedly contained no dates or specifics that were at all actionable.

This no bill return must have been very disappointing for Earle, who has had a movie production company documenting his work on taking Delay down.  It must also have been disappointing for the producers, Mark Birnbaum and Jim Schermbeck.  They have been reported to be re-filming the ending to align the story with current events.  At this rate, I fear they may have to film a new ending again and again.

Perhaps this 2nd outgoing grand jury had become too experienced to accept just anything Earle put in front of them.  So, Earle went to a brand spanking new grand jury on Monday, October 3rd, because that supposedly over the weekend, Earle says he uncovered “new evidence.”

This “new evidence” turned out to be a lie because now Earle has admitted that the “evidence,” a supposed list of illegal donors, did not exist. Of course, Earle knows it exists but he does not actually have it himself.

Having no evidence was no obstacle to a third grand jury.  Reportedly, they had literally just been impaneled and had not even had time to undergo orientation before Earle had them indict.

The judge receiving this questionable case, Bob Perkins, evidently had no qualms about arraigning Delay.  Perkins has been reported to have given $5000 to various Democrat causes including Moveon.org.  Delay’s attorneys have asked Judge Perkins to recuse himself, something that is not likely to happen.

It should be no surprise that a weak or even no case never stopped Ronnie Earle before.  He indicted Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison in an attempt to end her 1994 senatorial campaign.  It failed.

Of course, if your objective is to interfere with congress by unseating a majority leader in the House of Representatives, a guilty verdict may not be required.  If Earle can just keep Delay out of the Republican leadership long enough, Delay could well never return to his former power.

That is precisely what Earle tried to do to Hutchison.  He attempted to drag things out as long as possible before he finally moved to drop charges.  The judge in that case, John F. Onion Jr., realized that Earle’s intent was to smear the newly elected U.S. Senator and so refused to drop the case and swore in the jury.  When Earle refused to proceed with his case, Onion ordered the jury to find Hutchison innocent. This effectively kept Earle from “judge shopping” and so prosecuting Hutchison again at a later time when he found a willing accomplice to pound a gavel.

The mistake the Republicans made back then was to not charge Earle with misconduct.  Hopefully, they will not make that mistake again.  Earle needs to answer for his abuses of power- and quite possibly violating Texas, if not Federal, law.









In Part Four, we will see how the Left has bungled domestic policies that now threaten the very underpinnings of America

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Perry Hicks is a former Mississippi Coast resident and was a correspondent for the old Gulfport Star Journal. He has appeared on Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor.” Perry has also hosted his own radio talk show on the auto industry with a mix of politics. Perry is a former college professor and a frequent contributor to GCN writing on stories of national importance with local interests. His articles can be found in the GCN Archive.

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