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   GCN Guest Editorial     Filed 6/29/06 GCN

Senate Bill Would Explode U.S. Population

By Rodney Hunt - President Mississippi Federation for Immigration Reform and Enforcement

An elitist alliance between big business Republicans and liberal Democrats has formed to continue the open borders policies of the present and past administrations and Congresses without regard for the express will of the American people.

A recent Zogby poll indicates that only 2% of the American people believe that the current numbers of immigrants should be increased, 65% think the numbers are too high, 26% believe they are about right, and 7% are not sure.  This poll, and numerous other polls, consistently show that President Bush and the U.S. Senate are out-of-touch with the American people.  The negative impact on our population would be astounding if the Bush-supported Kennedy/McCain guest worker amnesty becomes law.  Senators Lott and Cochran heeded the thousands of phone calls from their constituents and voted against the disastrous Senate bill, but their votes on some of its amendments and recent statements they have made should alert voters who are concerned about any willingness to compromise our nation’s future.

This bill would allow an additional 66 million legal immigrants during the next 20 years.  If maximum provisions were utilized, 200 million could immigrate.  Not only would this bill give amnesty to most of the 12 to 20 million illegal aliens now in the U.S., it vastly increases the number of new “temporary workers”, and through family unification would quintuple legal immigration.  Our population is forecast to hit 300 million this year and could soar to ˝ billion within the next 45 years.

If this legislation were enacted, our country’s social services and natural resources would be overloaded beyond capacity.  Our already strained health care and education systems could very likely collapse.  We would experience profound urban sprawl, a depletion of fresh water supplies, and a greater gap between the rich and the poor.  Our culture would be radically altered.  Energy consumption would escalate with an even greater dependency on foreign sources.  

The U.S. accepts more legal immigrants than all other nations.  Like all countries we are a “nation of immigrants”.  Even though we are a young country, like other nations, we have the right to secure borders and a stable society, and to determine our destiny.  We should stand up and forcefully assert that right.

By eliminating illegal immigration and instituting a responsible immigration policy, we can stabilize our population even while adding previous limits of 250,000 legal immigrants per year.  There are 6 ˝ billion people in the world, many of which are in the third world and would like to immigrate to the U.S.  We have a right to decide how many and which immigrants are in the best interests of our country and its citizens.  

Later this summer, the House of Representatives will conduct hearings across the country to enlist citizen input and to enlighten Americans about the contents of Senate Bill 2611 before it goes to conference with the much tougher enforcement-only House bill.

Contact your elected representatives and make your voice heard.  Don’t assume your elected officials will act in your best interests – insist on it.

Rodney A. Hunt


Mississippi Federation for Immigration Reform and Enforcement


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