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Picking Up The Pieces 

Standing In The Rubble Of Their Post Election Bid, Democrats Remind Me Of One Of Their Beloved Homeless Persons: Dazed, Depressed, And In Need Of A Serious Bath.

By Perry Hicks

     Being a Democrat really stinks these days. Having pulled out all of the stops, Democrats are utterly stunned to have lost big- really big. Now, standing in the rubble of their post-election bid, Democrats are awash in a combination of anger and bewilderment. What is emerging within the ranks of the Left is a general consensus that Republicans were successful in unfairly characterizing Democrats as America-haters.

     It’s the Republicans fault? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Excuse my mirth, but you did it to yourselves. Over the last year, you have acted like some of your beloved homeless persons: Cursing, pan-handling, and blaming your own failures on everyone else. You now claim to love America but the truth is that you have worked incessantly to soil everything about it.

     Democrats are in a bad need of a bath, a bit of religion, and serious professional help for their co-dependence with socialism. Sadly, their leaders are nowhere close to touching any of these points. The once proud Democrat Party is in danger of devolving into complete irrelevance.

How To Fix The Donkey

·        Democrats love to call their party “Democratic” but in truth it is anything but. In her book, How to Talk to A Liberal (If You Must,) Ann Coulter correctly makes the point that Liberals don’t like to consider other people’s point of view. Coulter’s and my own experience observe that very few liberals will actually debate. What usually happens is the conversation devolves into a rant about how George Bush lied or how the War on Terror is really about giving Haliburton Middle-East oil.

The fix: Stop ripping and reading talking points faxed over from the DNC and actually research your positions. Consider opposing viewpoints. Cut back on your binge drinking.  

·        The 1960s were the glory days for the Democrats: John F. Kennedy was their last good president; there were noble fights to fight such as civil rights and a truly unnecessary war to oppose. There were also the very positive efforts of containing communism and putting a man on the moon. Back in 1962, Americans felt good about their president and looked to the original astronauts as real American heroes.

The fix: This is not 1963. Stop looking for new victims to champion. If you want to help poor Hispanics, institute a guest worker program so we can legally admit these people and better identify criminals and terrorists that want to slip across our borders. I find it mind boggling that Democrats oppose this very logical remedy. Washington might also put pressure on Mexican president Vicente Fox to clean up his corrupt government.

·        Bill Clinton recently tried to cheer up his party telling Democrats that things weren’t so bad (snicker) and that they need to improve their image. Note that Clinton didn’t say improve their substance. The truth is that Democrat’s image is reflected off their substance and there isn’t much good there. Democrats decry Christian moral teaching as intrusive on the rights of others (meaning non-Christians of various stripes.) Then Democrats have the nerve to use public schools to intrude into Christian family values by renaming holidays, censoring speech, and generally undermining parental authority by handing out condoms to their children.

The fix: Start honoring parents. Considering your conduct over the last four years, it should be no surprise that in this election Republicans would make such inroads into Hispanic, Jewish, and African-American communities.

The other problem you have with Judeo-Christian morality is that every other religion I know of teaches pretty much the same thing. Don’t steal, don’t lie, and observe fairly conservative sexual boundaries. Think about it: What will your new Muslim supporters do when they find out that you also intend to whore out their daughters? Or turn their sons into whore-mongers for that matter?

·        Without any question, the “Great Society” initiatives of President Lyndon Baines Johnson have hurt poor people in America. Government welfare just hasn’t given an economic incentive for fathers to abandon their families, the same incentive has given rise to new families that never had a father in the first place (only a sperm donor). Furthermore, unemployment just hasn’t been subsidized, it has been shamelessly excused.

The fix: Start paying attention to the outcomes of your ill-advised social engineering. If you subsidize something undesirable, you will get more of it. If you pay people not to work, you will get more unemployed people. If, through the popular media of which you control, you promote self-centeredness, promiscuity, drug use, disrespect for authority, poverty, and faithlessness, then you will develop a very coarse society.

The same for education: Continue to dumb down our young people and they will not be able to compete in the world economy.

And when you do legislate funding for a program, have the integrity to actually oversee the efficacy of that program. If the taxpayer’s money is being wasted, do America a favor and waste that program.

·        Creating this burgeoning body of useless people eventually places an undue burden on those who are still willing to work. Hence, new and evermore confiscatory taxes must be raised. Government cannot do its legitimate functions such as build infrastructure or protect the country because the balance of all tax revenue goes toward entitlements.

The fix: Stop trying to socialize America. It is abundantly clear that all you are doing is trying to buy votes. Accept that somewhere around 10% of the population is irresponsible and the only thing that will motivate them is hard cold reality- if it ever sinks in to their thick, lazy skulls.

Stop being control freaks. Legislate only to level the playing field then step back and let the chips fall where they may. Your constant meddling is really hacking people off.

·        Jettison the Clintons and their cronies. Although the Democrat party had started on today’s low road as far back as the 1960s, your party will never make progress as long as the Clintons are in charge.

In truth, the Clintons have trashed your party just as they did the White House. Note how Kerry’s campaign virtually shut down once the Clinton “A” team arrived to “help.” Notice how Clinton talked mostly about himself when he went out to stump for Kerry. Watch how the party will set itself up for a Hillary Clinton run in ’08 and watch how much bigger your losses will be.

·        Final point: Get some help for your racism; you are really sick. It is pathetic how you either see race (or use race) in most every argument you make. If Bush had no African Americans in his cabinet he would be a racist pig. When he puts African Americans in two of the most powerful posts in our government, you talk of those African-Americans as being nothing more than Bush’s “house servants.” Your contempt is evident in the way some of you spit out the word, “servants;” you are only a hair breadth away from calling them the “N” word. This conduct is really disgusting.

Don’t think your racism hasn’t been noted. After all, to use Democrat parlance, your party was the party of Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, and Nathan Bedford Forrest. It is obvious that you think African-Americans are stupid when you tell them you want to see African-Americans advanced all the while denigrating every African-American who rises to Republican prominence. If you don’t, you will see more and more African-Americans switching sides.


Perry Hicks is a former Mississippi Coast resident and was a correspondent for the old Gulfport Star Journal. He has appeared on Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor.” Perry has also hosted his own radio talk show on the auto industry with a mix of politics. 

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