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GCN Guest Opinion   Filed 11/3/04

Democrats Handed Themselves Defeat

Through An Unparalleled Level of Acrimonious Hostility Largely Made of Their Own Doing, Democrats Succeeded In What The Republicans Could Not: Energizing George Bush’s Base.

By Perry Hicks

     While political campaigns and newspaper editorials have always been contentious, I cannot remember a time when such acrimony filtered down to America’s grass roots. The intensity of this hostility was almost entirely borne by Democrats. Normally affable, civil people became unglued at any suggestion that John Kerry would not win the election. Take, for example, my two recent experiences.

     In one case, a media relations person for a well known and quite conservative celebrity will no longer talk to me merely because I dared critique Kerry’s campaign promises. It didn’t matter to her that I have grave concerns with the Bush administration over the Patriot Act (Kerry supported it, too.) Just the fact that I would not blindly cheer Kerry infuriated her.

     Another friend, the inspiration for my series, Dining With Liberals, for a time also refused to talk to me simply because I didn’t buy into her anti-war rhetoric. I cautioned her that if we didn’t win this war, she wouldn’t be allowed to be the strong independent women for which she prides herself. The last straw for her was when I asked her burka size, “Do they run like dresses?”

     This personal nastiness comes on top of the reputation for not just petty but even absurd lying. Remember how Democrats claimed that Bush41 had flown to Europe in order to cut a secret deal with the Iranians to not release the hostages until Reagan was inaugurated ? When it was pointed out that he could not have had the time to do the deed Democrats suggested that he flew to Paris in an SR71 Blackbird. Or how about the idiot claim that Bush43 invaded Iraq merely to profit Haliburton?

     In fact, so little does the liberal press have on “Dubya,” they have had to resort to lying about him: He is stupid, he lies, he went AWOL from the Texas National Guard, his daddy bought his way through every phase of his life.

     However much the mainstream press wants to paint Bush as a lying weasel, their own record isn’t so good. Take for example, USA Today reporter, Jack Kelley. Five times nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, Kelley was found by a team of investigating reporters to have made up eight major news stories.

     Journalists at New York’s esteemed “gray lady,” The New York Times had to eat humble pie when Jayson Blair repaid the paper for his rapid, if affirmatively actioned, rise by faking stories and plagiarizing other writers.

     Of course, this isn’t the first time a liberal print icon had been caught factually challenged. The case of The Washington Post’s Janet Cooke comes to mind. Back in 1981, Cooke had to give back a Pulitzer Prize because she had fabricated a sob story about a crack addicted inner city kid.

     Dan Rather on CBS Evening News even went so far as to tout obviously faked documents as proof that Bush didn’t meet his National Guard obligation. Analysis of the points Bush earned over his years of service actually show that he exceeded his military obligation.

     Though caught, CBS didn’t stop there. CBS attempted to regurgitate a year and a half old story as some kind of October surprise to derail Bush’s campaign. The missing Iraqi explosives story was supposed to have been released this last Sunday evening; too short a time for Bush mount a defense. As it turns out, the explosives were probably destroyed by the Army” 3rd Infantry Division. CBS is even reported to have begged The New York Times not to print the story until Sunday so that they could release the story together. To the Times credit, they did not sit on the story just to impact the election.

     ABC News political director, Mark Halperin actually went as far as sending out a memo establishing the policy that ABC would not hold Bush and Kerry “equally accountable” because while Kerry “distorts, takes out of context, and makes mistakes all the time, these are not central to his efforts to win.” Halperin then went on to state that the “responsibilities of the ABC news staff have become quite grave.”

     Huh? Grave in what way? That Bush might actually win? Since when was ABC named an arbiter of national elections? Excuse my borrowing the FOX News Channel slogan, but their job is to report, ours as citizens is to decide.

     Of course, the reader does not have to take my word for the sad state of journalism in America. Take the left-wing Los Angeles Times editor John S. Carroll. Last spring, Carroll delivered a lecture titled, “The Wolf In Reporter’s Clothing: The Rise of Pseudo- Journalism In America.” Carroll decried journalists who believe their audience is “something to be manipulated.” He asserts that today’s journalists are all too eager to “mislead their audience while claiming to inform them.”

     Carroll attacked FOX News Channel in particular asserting that FOX viewers believe Iraqi WMD has been found and a connection between Iraq and Al-Qaeda had been made. He openly asked, how FOX could leave so many viewers in the dark?

     I watch a lot of FOX and somehow I missed all of this false reporting Carroll purports the network to be doing. I take it as a given that what I will call “old media” deride FOX News, talk radio, and some internet publications for either getting their facts wrong or espousing outright propaganda. However, as we noted above, the record for accurate reporting on the Left is not all that good.

     Indeed, the claims made by some darlings on the Left have taken on a delusional quality. Cameron Diaz warned voters that if Bush was returned to the White House rape would be legal. Walter Cronkite thinks Karl Rove set Osama Bin Laden to do the most recent tape. Michael Moore asserts that there is no terrorist threat and small business is even worse than large corporations.

     Moore, by the way, is quite fond of literally telling foreigners that Americans are as dumb as dog excrement. He has done this to audiences in Germany and France- the same countries that sold arms and other banned items to Iraq contrary to the objectives of the U.N. oil for food program. Evidently, hundreds and thousands of dead Iraqis, many of them children and infants, being found buried the sand doesn’t seem to bother him, either.

     Hypocrisy hadn’t escaped the Democrats. When, during Clinton’s presidency, the financial stats reached numbers very similar to today, the Left gushed that the economy was “overheating.” Under Bush, of course, we are in a near catastrophic meltdown.

     Then there is the demand by many Democrats that the OSCE monitor U.S. elections- as if America were a corrupt third-world nation. This willingness to hand over our national sovereignty by hard-left partisans such as Texas Democrat Representative Eddie Bernice Johnson and California Democrat Representative Barbra Lee, is nothing short of traitorous. Of course, their contention was that the last election was “stolen” so the OSCE is necessary to insure that “every vote is counted.” I bet they regret counting all those extra Bush votes now.

     And who headed up the monitoring team? Try former Federal judge Alcee Hastings who was impeached by a Democrat congress with a vote margin something like 413 to 3. We can be sure that he will be fair and balanced. Yeah, right.

     Then there has been an unparalleled level of voter fraud, intimidation, and even violence. All over the country RNC or Bush-Cheney headquarters had been burglarized, signs stolen, tires slashed, and even shots fired.

     The truth about 2004 is that the Democrats have lost this election for themselves through their penchant for lying, uncivil if not boorish behavior, and personal violence. They did what George W. Bush could not do: Energize his base.

     Democrats, take this advice: Read the political map and heed what you see. Try this again in 2008 and you will see even more red than you are this morning.

Perry Hicks is a former Mississippi Coast resident and was a correspondent for the old Gulfport Star Journal. He has appeared on Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor.” Perry has also hosted his own radio talk show on the auto industry with a mix of politics. 

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