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Standing In The Ruins

Democrats Would Have Us Believe That They Are So Sophisticated They Are Actually “Nuanced.” Of Course, The Rest Of America Is Just Too Stupid To Get It.

By Perry Hicks

     Smug Democrat arrogance goes way back but their infantile intemperance really manifested itself in 2001 when, on Bush’s first win, they trashed the White House and removed the “W” caps from every keyboard they could find. Since then, Democrats have insulted the rest of America to such a degree that they succeeded in doing what George Bush could not; energizing his conservative base.

     Yet, standing in the ruins of their post election debacle, the Democrats are the ones that don’t seem to get it. America is sick and tired of their penchant for lying, the substitution of witless attacks for substantive debate, and their willingness to undermine the sovereignty and security of the United States. This election year they pulled out every stop, tried every trick, and yet lost big.

     After “helping” (snicker) Kerry in his failed election bid, former president Bill Clinton has stepped into the power void to tell his party that things aren’t so bad. (How droll.) Clinton says that all the Democrats have to do is work on their “image.” Not their substance, mind you, just their image.

     Oh, please! Mr. Clinton, much of your party’s image problem can be attributed to you! You sullied the Oval Office with your nocturnal escapades, you made lying and dirty tricks Democrat hallmarks, and it was your “kiddie-corps” crew that tossed the White House offices. It is under your leadership that you have taken a once viable political party and reduced it to a mob of gibbering, drooling, mouth breathing political hacks.

     Take, for example, the political parody website www.whitehouse.org . Considered a hilarious, knee slapping exposé by Democrats, the site takes aim at Bush, Cheney, the First Lady (which I found particularly offensive), conservative African Americans, Christians, the NRA, Crawford, Texas and most anything else that could remotely be associated with the Republican Party.

     White House dot org does not make light of the issue differences Republicans and Democrats have- which could be both enlightening and funny. Instead, their site is pejorative in a very childish and stereotypical manner. If something like this was applied to Democrats, or the NAACP, there would be howls of “racism” and “mean-spiritedness” from the mainstream press.

     Take the shock remark Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger made when asked by a reporter if he would entertain tax increase proposals by California Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata. The press corps collectively gasped when Gov. Schwarzenegger answered with the question, “Why would I listen to losers?”

     While the governor’s spokeswoman tried to put a positive spin on his remarks, the fact remains that the Democrats are losers and losers in a big way. Every proposed tax increase on both the Bay Area and Los Angeles ballots failed; still the Democrats didn’t get it. California voters do not want further tax increases and for a very good reason- they are already taxed to the hilt and high taxes are running both businesses and workers out of the state.

     But to the Democrats, that doesn’t matter. All that matters is that taxes be increased at all costs. And Democrats think the red states are, as Jane Smiley wrote in Slate,                   [ http://slate.msn.com/id/2109218/ ]: “Unteachably ignorant?” Jeesh!

     Actually, it is quite amazing how wrong Democrats have been on almost every major issue; even down at the most basic one of voting itself.

     Democrats and their idiot Florida 2000 hanging chad controversy have brought us new problems with paperless electronic voting machines. Although a Democrat had designed the Florida butterfly ballot, and the precincts in question were administered by Democrats, somehow the functional inability of some Florida voters to correctly cast a vote was blamed on Republicans. What was needed, the Democrats said, was to bring the voting process into the 21st century; we need to do it on electronic touch-screen voting machines.

     The problem with that idea is that computers are fragile as well as complex and many do not have an auditable paper trail. Voting machines showed up in some Philadelphia polling places preloaded with hundreds of votes each. It was also reported that at one location, a power glitch reset the machines bringing into question an untold number of votes already cast.

     Again, Democrats are blaming Republicans. We will probably hear much more about one machine maker, Diebold, being nefariously tied to the interloping George W. Bush.

     Then there is the mess created by the Democrat mandated motor-voter registration. The prospect of foreign nationals voting in our elections just doesn’t seem to bother Democrats. After all, immigrants can usually be counted on to vote Democrat. Right?

     Wrong. Bush did much better than the Democrats expected with immigrants, ethnic minorities, and even women. Obviously, they get it.

     Or how about the much touted, Campaign Finance Reform? Democrats insisted that it would reduce the influence of special interest money in politics but in reality it did anything but.

     True, the bill was technically a bi-partisan one having been co-authored by Republican Senator John McCain and Democrat Senator Russell Feingold and signed into law by George W. Bush. However, many conservatives would suggest that McCain is far less than even nominally Republican; McCain is actually quite Democrat-like on many issues. So Democrat-like is McCain that The Washington Post has recently reported McCain to have been courted by John Kerry to run for vice president on a “unity” ticket.

     McCain turned the offer down, of course. Democrat-like or not, he gets it.

     President Bush probably signed the McCain-Feingold bill into law believing correctly that it ultimately would not hurt his chances to win re-election. Having said all of that, real conservatives bitterly opposed the McCain-Feingold bill.

     Not only does this unnecessary campaign finance law usurp every citizen’s First Amendment Rights to freedom of speech, it has resulted in channeling even more money into the electoral process than ever before. It has also elevated the importance of “special interest” groups. This last point, of course, should have been made manifestly clear to Kerry by the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth ads.

     If anyone in America is really unteachably ignorant, it might well be the Democrats. Rather than address the problems they have with matters of maturity, honesty, and social policy, they continue on with the general nastiness by which they ran their numerous failed campaigns. Rather than fix their problems, some prefer to simply hit the bricks and move to Canada.

     Canada’s immigration website has reported that the number of visitors to http://www.cic.gc.ca/ has gone up by a factor of 6 since Bush won re-election. Evidently, a lot of lefties see Canada’s great northern woods, cold crisp air, and health care paradise preferable to living in a free enterprise hell-hole like America.

     To Americans flocking like geese to “Up-Top Can-a-dah,” the only thing I can say is A-M-F!

     That’s a little Republican-voting immigrant lingo for “Adios My Friends.”      


Perry Hicks is a former Mississippi Coast resident and was a correspondent for the old Gulfport Star Journal. He has appeared on Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor.” Perry has also hosted his own radio talk show on the auto industry with a mix of politics. 

Contact the Author: arielsquarefour@hotmail.com

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