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Immigration Sell Out

Be Aware That We Are Living Through Times Of Great Historical Import. The America We Know Is Changing. With It Are Ramifications Far Beyond Anything We Have Yet Been Told.

By Perry Hicks

"Economically, Bush is throwing American workers- white, black, Asian, Hispanic- into a Darwinian survival-of-the-fittest struggle for jobs with foreigners willing to do sweat-shop labor for wages that cannot sustain an American family" - Patrick J. Buchanan (WorldNetDaily.com, Jan 14, 2004)

     Generation X ‘rs well remember those halcyon days of the Vietnam War. Amid the strains of electric guitars, love beads and pot smoke, legions of American youth burned their draft cards in anti-war protest. Today, card burning may once again come into vogue. The Republican Party has embraced a radical new policy imperiling America. However, this time it won’t be draft cards that are burned; it will be voter cards.

     According to the new Bush immigration plan, any employer who “cannot find” an American to take a job may freely go outside the United States and recruit a foreign worker. As it stands now, there is no limit on the number of workers nor are there any strictures on language skills or national origin.

     In the beginning, those foreigners will not be the well educated who would expect comparable U.S. wages. They will be the poor and the uneducated and they will be permitted entry with their impoverished families. By the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, any children they have born on U.S. soil will automatically be citizens.

     Naturally, they will need massive amounts of social services. Read unprecedented numbers of schools, medical care, food stamps, welfare and low cost housing. Also, expect some part of their homeland criminals to arrive amongst them. These villains will require larger police forces and more prisons. If you doubt this, take a look at California: About 13% of that state’s prison population is illegal aliens. This is before implementation of the new immigration plan.

     Later, employers will see no need to pay their skilled workers well. Of course, when they find no American applicants, even more foreigners will need to be recruited. Some third world countries will have to take draconian steps to stop their talent pool from evaporating away. Others, with an abundance of talent but few domestic opportunities, will be happy to send their educated surplus to the Unites States.

     Consequently, native born Americans of all races and ethnicities will find themselves strangers in their own land. By law they will be required to accommodate every nationality but their own. This will include customs, language, religion, and even our national holidays. If you doubt this, remember how Christmas, the Boy Scouts, and our Founding Fathers are being treated today.

Exporting American Jobs

"Our strategy is to destroy the enemy from within, to conquer him through himself."

Adolf Hitler

     The unprecedented means for world-wide communication and travel has ignited the global demographic revolution unfolding before our very eyes. Radio and television started it by exporting western culture to all but the most remote regions on earth. The Third World could not only hear about the opportunity in America, they could actually “see” the wealth to be had if only they could make it across the border.

     Particularly with Asian nations, an opportunity was seen to partner with western firms and manufacture cheap household goods. This later escalated to include more technologically difficult products such as textiles, electronics, and automobiles. Thus, over the last fifty years, mills and factories have been shuttered all over America. Even American farmers must compete with agricultural imports. If one takes a stroll through Wal-Mart today, the better part of everything for sale has been made overseas.

   The gutting of our manufacturing base has occurred for several reasons. In part, it has been due to higher costs resulting from labor union demands and the complexity of government regulations. Another part has been the rising cost of product liability; a few good lawsuits can bankrupt even a large firm. Then there is the unwillingness of American workers to take lower paying jobs when welfare is available. Finally, tariffs no longer protect American manufacturers from overseas competition.

     This decline in the industrial base has been much lauded by environmentalists and some economists alike. To them, America has “evolved” into a cleaner, more vibrant “service economy.” The problem here is that a nation cannot “service” itself into prosperity. Wealth must be created and that means making something new, be it a physical or an intellectual product. 

     However, the service sector is not immune from job exportation. While China wants to be the world’s factory, India wants to be the world’s developer of intellectual property. For example, in just a few years, India is projected to be the world’s leading maker of computer software. Other Indian firms are engaged in engineering and the sciences.

     Nor does it stop there. Via the internet, American firms are having their employee payroll run by Indian book keepers. American lawyers are utilizing the services of Indian law firms. Call a service support hotline and your advisor may be assisting you from Bombay. Pharmacies are finding themselves threatened by on-line retailers who are physically located somewhere off-shore. The consumer simply places the order by phone or over the internet and the medication will arrive at their doorstep via package carrier.

     If all this isn’t harrowing enough, we come back to Bush’s new immigration policy. What jobs that can’t be exported may now be legally offered to most anyone in the world willing to work for a minimum, if not the minimum, wage.


     All of this bodes for civil unrest. With fewer and fewer jobs paying well enough for people to afford good housing, real estate prices will stagnate and then fall. The existing tax base will be unable to provide the depth of social services demanded by both the new immigrants and the Americans they have displaced. If politicians refuse to raise taxes or indebt their governments to provide those services, look for greater numbers of naturalized citizens to run for and win public office. If taxes cannot keep pace with voter demand for services, our government will become insolvent.

     With such an influx of new workers into the labor pool, pressure may force an attempt at sealing the border. By then it will be too late. Illegal aliens will come knowing that twice before America has granted amnesty. Deporting those with expired work permits will be impossible. They will not only have set down roots, they will have had children. Even if it were possible to deport them, so many abandoned bank loans would literally bankrupt the country.

     If I paint a picture of an America in which you would not want to live, you are certainly not alone. Young, highly skilled Americans may begin looking abroad for opportunity and a better quality of life. Retired Americans are already finding a move to Mexico financially attractive. A growing number of celebrities, such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Johnny Depp, prefer to raise their children in countries like England and France.

     Doubt an exodus could happen? During his recent bid for California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger sited how California was, for the first time, losing business and those jobs to neighboring states. U-haul reported that more equipment was moving residents out of state than bringing in new ones. However, when all of America looks and works much like California of today, there will be no place in the country to escape.

Send A Message: Burn Your Voter Card

     The political landscape in America today is one of stalemate. Thus, both parties have been pandering to minorities, particularly Hispanics, in order to gain an upper hand. It is not a matter of what is best for the nation; it is a matter of what is best for the party. Little do the politicians realize, or care, that they are endangering our nation’s future.

     Thus, many conservatives have come to feel marooned by a Republican party they carried to power. Forgotten are the days of the Reagan revolution with its call for lower taxes and smaller government. Under George W. Bush, the Republican Party has side stepped to the left. That is why Senator Trent Lott found insufficient support from his colleagues in 2002. His removal as Senate Majority Leader had nothing to do with his comments about Strom Thurmond. It was all about moving the party to the “center.”

       A favorite old Texas saying of George Bush Sr. is “Dance with the one who brung ya.” If conservatives feel abandoned by the Republican leadership, perhaps they should send a reminder of just who brought the party to national prominence. To that end, may I suggest partially burning your voter identification card and mailing the remains to the Republican National Committee? If you have donated money to the party in the past, mail this year’s check with the words: VOIDED.

     If this fails to illicit a favorable response, then may I also suggest sitting out the next election? When the Republicans loose seats and offices from state house to White House, remind them how ignoring you kept you at home. Warn them that, should they continue to eschew conservative principles, next time you will protest vote against them.

     My conservative friends who criticized me for not voting for Bush in 2000 are now eating humble pie. Bush has worked out to be much as I thought: However many admirable qualities he may have, conservatism is certainly not one of them.    

Perry Hicks is a former Mississippi Coast resident and was a correspondent for the old Gulfport Star Journal. He has appeared on Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor.” Perry has also hosted his own radio talk show on the auto industry with a mix of politics. 

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