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Less than 40 Percent of Bay/Waveland
Students Return to Class

by Keith Burton - GCN

Students in the Bay St. Louis and Waveland area finally got to return to class Monday. Their first since Hurricane Katrina blew through the Coast and destroyed their classrooms. The Federal Emergency Management Agency provided more than 60 of the trailer-like classrooms to the Bay-Waveland district.

But just like in other Coast school districts, the number of returning students is far less than the number of students that were enrolled prior to the hurricane. Many families who have lost homes have either not returned to the Coast to live in FEMA trailers on their property, or have sent their children to relatives to live and go to school outside the area. Only 39 percent of the original number of students returned to class.

Below is a chart that shows the actual number of students that returned to the Bay St. Louis-Waveland School District on Monday. The following table shows approximate student enrollment prior to Hurricane Katrina and first day enrollment (11-7-05) of returning students with percentages.

School Previous Enrollment 11-07-05 Enrollment % Returning
Bay High School 742 377 51%
Bay-Waveland Middle School 620 225 36%
Second Street Elementary 343 128 37%
North Bay Elementary 304 105 35%
Waveland Elementary 378 97 26%
District Total 2387 932 39%

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