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2007 Cruisin' the Coast - Monday

By Keith Burton - GCN    Filed 10/1/07
Photos by Bruce W. Smith - Editorial Services LLC

If their is one thing becoming abundantly clear, the folks visiting for Cruisin' the Coast are not here for any post-Katrina sympathy, they are here because they are having fun.

Tuesday's big event was the Long Beach Cruisin' the Coast Parade. Last year, Long Beach officials skipped the event because the city was still in very bad shape from the hurricane. But this year, a whole different story as Long Beach residents and cruisers met in near record numbers.

As of 2:30 p.m. Monday, nearly 3,200 people had registered for this year's event. Cruisin' the Coast officials anticipate around 4,000 total official registrations.

Biloxi Police Chief Bruce Dunagan is reminding motorists that they’ll be seeing an increase in traffic – and drivers who may be unfamiliar with Coast roadways – with thousands expected in town this week for Cruisin’ the Coast.

Dunagan is asking motorists to be patient, and prepare for heavy traffic and slowdowns in some areas of U.S. 90, and he’s also reminding Cruisers to obey traffic regulations.

Cruisin’ the Coast executive director Gene Oswalt says “This event, which is the largest special event in the state, involves the Coast’s three counties and seven cities, and should provide a much-needed shot in the arm, economically.”

Dunagan is asking that, “ We want everyone to have a pleasant time and a safe time. Along those lines, we’re asking our locals to drive defensively, and we’re asking Cruisers to make sure to stay within the posted speed limit and avoid doing anything that could cause an accident.”

The police chief, a Corvette owner who has participated in previous Cruisin’ the Coast events, said Biloxi police expect heavy Cruisin’ traffic on U.S. 90, particularly near Edgewater Mall, the Coast Coliseum and at Treasure Bay’s property south of U.S. 90, where Cruisers are expected to gather.

Additionally, Dunagan said, traffic will be heavy on the I-110 highrise as Cruisers enter and leave the city for nearby destinations.

Motorists and Cruisers driving at  at night need to be aware that the street lights along sections of U.S. 90 in Biloxi are not operating in a section between Rodenberg Avenue and Beauvoir Road. This section is popular for viewers of the cars traveling down the beach highway. Biloxi officials tell GCN that electricians are working in the area, but the lights will not be turned on this week. Street lights in Gulfport have yet to be replaced on U.S. 90, but contractors are installing wiring.

For the full schedule of events, CLICK HERE.

2007 Cruisin' the Coast

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