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Embattled Harrison County Sheriff Runs for
Key Harrison County Officials Face No Opposition

by Keith Burton

At the end of the qualifying deadline for running for public office in the upcoming 2007 elections, embattled Harrison County Sheriff George Payne has qualified to run for his position once again. Meanwhile several key officials with Harrison County's government will face no opposition in the upcoming elections.

Payne has spent the last year embroiled in a federal investigation into jail abuse at the County Jail, as well as a murder by one of his deputies of a inmate. Those cases are still underway. The expectation by many is that Payne would not seek re-election. He faces nine opponents including several other deputies as well as a convicted former sheriff. Together, Payne, who is a Republican faces four other Republicans in the primary.

Meanwhile, among the key Harrison County officials that will go back into office are District 3 Supervisor Marlin Ladner, District 4 Supervisor William Martin, District 5 Supervisor Connie Rockco, Tax Assessor Tall Flurry and Tax Collector David LaRosa. All four are Republicans and face no Democratic or Independent opposition in the elections in November.

The following persons have qualified with the office of the Circuit Clerk to run for office in Harrison County in 2007: (Source-Harrison County Circuit Clerk (5:36 PM March 1)

Chancery Clerk
John McAdams, R

Circuit Clerk
Gayle Parker, D

Constable, District # 1
W.S. "Windy" Swetman, R

Constable, District # 2
Paul Johnson, R

Constable, District # 3
William L. (Billy) Phelps, D
Ralph H. Ladner, I
Alfred J. Reyer, R

Constable, District # 4
Winfred Scarborough, D
Joshua Spann, D

Constable, District # 5
Jeff Migues, R

Gary Hargrove, D
Pam King, R

County Attorney
Herman F. Cox, R
Sean Tindell, D
Kay L. Wilkerson, R

District Attorney
Cono Caranna, D
Thomas E. (Tom) Payne, R

House of Representatives, District # 93
Dirk Dedeaux, D

House of Representatives, District # 95
Linda Johnson, R
Jessica Upshaw, R

House of Representatives, District # 114
Daniel D. “Danny” Guice, Jr., R

House of Representatives, District # 115
Randall H. Patterson, D
Wallace "Chip" Barnes, D

House of Representatives, District # 116
Steven Palazzo, R

House of Representatives, District # 117
Patrick G. Collins, R
Michael W. Janus, R

House of Representatives, District # 118
Roger Ishee, R

House of Representatives, District # 119
Frances Fredericks, D

House of Representatives, District # 120
Richard Bennett, R
Ed Hatem, D
Sam G. Holston, R
Glenn Mitchell, R
David Wolf, R

House of Representatives, District # 121
Diane C. Peranich, D

Justice Court Judge, District #1
Albert Fountain, R

Justice Court Judge, District # 2
Ann Bell, R
Gene Dedeaux, R
Mary T. Foretich, D
Fred Gaston, R
John McCay, R
Carl E. Rhodes, Jr., R
Stanley Vance, R

Justice Court Judge, District # 3
Dianne Ladner, R
LyTanya Toomer, D
David Wolf, R

Justice Court Judge, District # 4
Melvin J. Ray, D

Justice Court Judge, District # 5
Bruce C. Strong, R

Melvin Brisolara, R
Robert “Puppy” L. DeGroat, Jr., I
John A. Finnegan, Jr., R
Anderson D. Hall, D
Howard Leroy Hobbs, I
Jimmy Johnson, I
Murray D. Ladner, Sr., D
George H. Payne, Jr., R
Neil Resh, R
Glen Terrell, R

State Senate, District 46
Scottie R. Cuevas, D

State Senate, District # 47
Ezell Lee, D

State Senate, District # 48
Deborah Dawkins, D
Jeff Powell, R

State Senate, District # 49
Billy Hewes, III, R

Superintendent of Education
Henry Arledge, D

Supervisor, District #1
Todd J. Echelberry, R
Wendell E. Pruitt, D
W.S. "Windy" Swetman, III, R

Supervisor, District #2
Randy Brownlee, R
Bill Hessell, R
Janet Shaw Lawrence, R
David C. Powers, R
Teresa Roberts, R
Kim B. Savant, R
Hue B. Snowden, III, R

Supervisor, District # 3
Marlin R. Ladner, R

Supervisor, District # 4
William W. Martin, D

Supervisor, District # 5
Connie Rockco, R

Tax Assessor
Tal Flurry, R

Tax Collector
David LaRosa Sr., R

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