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Armed Forces Retirement Home in Gulfport Imploded
Work to Rebuild Center to Begin

By Keith Burton   GCN 10/25/07

With a series of very load explosions, the Armed Forces Retirement Home tower in Gulfport collapsed to the ground Thursday morning. The eleven story tower near U.S. 90 was the home of nearly 564 military retirees prior to Hurricane Katrina. A new home is to rise in its place.

It only took a few seconds for the explosive charges to do their work on the 31 year old building, but it won't be until 2010 before contractors finish the work to reopen the home. Yates Construction is building the $189 million facility.

A small ceremony was held prior to the building's implosion. A crowd of around 75 people had gathered just outside the property to watch the demolition. Many people in the crowd had worked at the home. Most of the residents were moved to the AFRH in Washington, or left to live elsewhere.

The following are few photos of the building as it fell. Afterwards, a huge cloud of dust settled around the site, blanketing the area as if a sudden dense fog had moved in. A fine dust blanketed cars and people as well.

To watch a short video, CLICK HERE (pauses are still photo camera shots that interrupted the video)

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