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Is Your Milk Going Bad Early Too?
by Keith Burton - GulfCoastNews.com   Updated 8/27/07

Milk, its among the most familiar and common foods in the home and most people buy it as fresh as they can from local grocery stores. But all along the Gulf Coast, people are reporting that their milk is spoiling, often well before the expiration date printed on the bottle.

GCN has seen the phenomenon as well. Is your milk going bad early too?

Hurricane Katrina damaged  or even shut down many of the few dairy farms near the Coast. According to some dairy farmers, milk is now coming from areas far away as west Texas or even California. This could be adding to the problem as milk is now being transported from areas that add days to the time it takes to get the milk to the stores.

The spoiling milk problem seems to be regardless of the brand. GCN has seen grocery store brands and even some respected name brand milk spoiling, and this is occuring when stored at near freezing conditions. There are also reports that milk is spoiled when re-thawed after freezing immediately after the purchase.

If you have seen your milk spoiling early, let GCN know. You can comment on the GCN Message Board or email GCN directly.

Some reader comments....

Thank you for printing the article referring to milk spoiling before it's expiration date.  I have experienced this problem nearly every time I buy milk.  I am actually relieved to know that the problem does not lie with my refrigerator as I was thinking it did. 

Thanks So Much,

Jackie Allain
Bay St. Louis

Yes, we have noticed that our milk is going bad.  We thought maybe we weren't drinking it fast enough but have noticed it going bad before the expiration date.  Because of the cost of milk we have started freezing half of the container. 

Joy McGary

I was so surprised to see your short article on the spoiling milk problem on the coast! We have had two gallons spoil well before expiration and in the refrigerator over the last month weeks.  One was store-brand from Walmart.  Due to expire on August 19.. was completely sour by August 15th.  The other gallon was Dairy Fresh (we thought perhaps it was a brand problem) - dated to expire on August 24th.. the milk was sour and thrown out on August 21st.

Anita Thomer
Pascagoula MS

We live in Michigan with the intent to rebuild our house in Pass Christian and I was looking at your site when I saw the article about spoiled milk.  This past week we had a gallon of milk spoil before the expiration date.  So, itís seems that the problem is not only in Mississippi.

Eddie Wilson
Rochester Hills, MI

Yes, we shop at the Navy commissary and at Wal-Mart for all our food including milk and have noticed this spoilage  problem whether the milk came from either store.

Michael D.
Gulfport, MS

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