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Biloxi Lighthouse New Symbol on State License Tags
GCN   8/3/07

Beginning October 1, 2007, a new tag design will be issued for all new purchases and renewals of regular motor vehicle license plates.  As required by law, the design of the tag changes every 5 years.  

The new design for the Mississippi license plate--- the Biloxi Lighthouse standing in the light of a new day---recognizes a building of historical importance, and, a significant time in our state's history.

The Biloxi Lighthouse has long been recognized as a landmark of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, a sentinel erected in 1848 to aid ships navigating the Mississippi Sound.  Throughout its 159 years, it has survived a score of hurricanes, including the great storms of 1947 and 1969.

And, on August 29, 2005, it stood defiant against the wind and surge of Katrina.  Today, it is no longer just a beacon to seafarers, but a tangible testament of resilience.   The Biloxi Lighthouse stands proud and tall representing those who weathered the storm.

Joe Blount, Commissioner of Revenue, said "this tag design is intended to be a reminder to us of all those who lost so much from Katrina, to serve as a symbol of our citizens' commitment to recovery as well as a symbol of our gratitude to all Americans for their prayers and generous support."

The License Tag Commission consists of the Governor, State Treasurer, Attorney General, and State Tax Commissioner.  The State Tax Commission provides staff assistance for the License Tag Commission.

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