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Coast Transit Authority Ridership Growing

From: Coast Transit Authority
April 13, 2007  GCN

Three of Coast Transit Authority’s longest-standing fixed routes have been experiencing tremendous increases in ridership.  In 2006 Biloxi Route #31 increased by more than 5%, the Pass Road Route #34 by more than 60% and the Keesler Route #24 by 99%.

A big reason for that growth is providing services and facilities that are most needed – like the new Biloxi Transit Center in downtown Biloxi.  It was opened in February.  In an effort to continue to provide needed services CTA will make route improvements beginning Sunday April 15th.

  • Route 7 Ocean Springs  -  No Changes

  • Route 21 Biloxi -  Eliminated – replaced by the Casino Hopper

  • Casino Hopper – New Service – the old Route 21 with an improved 15 minute interval – three new busses with special paint jobs – free until the end of April

  • Route 24 Keesler – No Changes

  • Route 31 Biloxi – This route has been reconfigured to eliminate duplication and to extend into areas currently not served.  This route will run on a 45-minute interval

  • Route 34 Pass Road – No Changes

  • Route 37 Gulfport – Reconfigured to extend service into Orange Grove – decreases dead time and allows passengers to reach their destinations in a more timely manner – Runs on a 90-minute interval.

  • Route 38 Gulfport – New Service – Replaces the loop portion of Route 37 – provides improved service to the Island View Casino – 45 minute interval.

Detailed information on route and other changes will be available in CTA’s newest newsletter that will be available at the CTA Offices, on the busses, the Biloxi & Gulfport Transit Centers, Edgewater Mall information desk, Gulf Coast Chamber of Commerce and the Ocean Springs Visitors Center as well as other locations beginning next week. 

You may also go to CTA’s web page at www.coasttransit.com or call CTA at 896-8080.  Information is also available in Spanish.

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