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Gulfport City Council Refuses to Consider New Logo for City
Logo Issue to be Reintroduced at Future Meeting

GCN 12/5/07 Updated and Revised

Gulfport Mayor Brent Warr suffered yet another setback on his efforts to put his personal stamp on the city Tuesday when the City Council voted 4-3 not to consider a motion to vote on a new city logo, but the logo issue will be re-introduced by the administration at a future meeting, perhaps as soon as next week.

An earlier news report that indicated that the Council had voted to turn down the proposed logo was incorrect. GCN contacted the City Council clerk who reported that the the issue was incorrectly reported in the news media. Technically, the logo issue was not officially brought to the table for a vote, though it was on the agenda.

(Image left: Proposed New Gulfport Logo provided to GCN by Reed Guice)

GCN contacted Gulfport Councilman Brian Carriere about the logo issue, and received his response via email:

"I can only speak for me but I oppose the "new" design because of it's style. We already have a good design and great tagline! Mayor Warr has yet to articulate a good reason for making a change. The lack of vote does not mean that GULFPORT is without a logo. The mayor just doesn't like the one we have."

The Biloxi advertising firm The Guice Agency worked some seven months with the administration in an effort to remake the city's image and in designing the new logo.

(Image right: Current Gulfport Logo)

The logo may find itself on about everything, from stationery to city vehicles if it is eventually approved.

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