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Mississippi Department of Corrections to Pickup Trash on I-10

From: MDC News Release    Filed 3/26/07  GCN

The Mississippi Department of Corrections’ (MDOC) is providing inmate work crews to clean up the seventy-seven mile stretch of interstate 10 along the Mississippi Coast. The key roadway has seen an enormous amount to trash and debris scattered along the roadway in recent months. Work crews begin the cleanup March 19.

MDOC says that Jackson, George and Harrison County Community Work Centers are each contributing a ten member inmate work crew, providing these inmates the opportunity to make partial amends to society through community service. The three community work centers, along with the South Mississippi Correctional Institution are providing security. The operation is being overseen by Lieutenant Larry Hill from the Jackson County Community Work Center.

Corrections Commissioner Christopher Epps said, “This effort beautifies the state, making the interstate more pleasant for residents and encouraging tourists to keep returning; boosting the economy. This is a great example of the community benefiting while inmates learn the value of honest labor and repay society for their crimes.”

“While this cleanup effort will be more visible than other work details, it is important to remember that that the Department of Corrections continually provides labor to counties and municipalities for beautification, building renovations and a host of other projects” said Lora Cole, Deputy Commissioner of Community Corrections.  “In Fiscal Year 2006, the MDOC provided $15,851,722 worth of labor to local governments.”

Lieutenant Hill encourages the public to drive carefully and be mindful of the safety of the work crews while the project is ongoing.

During the past week, the I-10 Interstate Cleanup Blitz has resulted in the removal of 2,900 bags of trash. The last MDOC effort to remove trash from I-10 resulted in a total of 15,000 bags of trash being collected.

MDOC’s I-10 clean up project is expected to continue through April 15, 2007.

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