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Jackson County Invests $1.9 Million into City  Roads in 2007
From: Jackson County   Ken Flannigan    Filed 10/7/07 GCN

The low grinding sound of an asphalt milling machine can be heard through Park Town East Subdivision in the City of Ocean Springs. County road crews began scraping away 12,000 linear feet of neighborhood roads last week and will start paving this week.

“This paving work in Ocean Springs is a great example of the Board’s involvement with city improvements across the County,” District Five Supervisor John McKay explains. “This was road work that needed to be done.”

This is the latest road improvement project by the Board of Supervisors for one of Jackson County’s four cities. Altogether, the County invested almost $1.8 million dollars into local school systems and municipal road improvement projects in fiscal year 2007.

“It’s more than just our cities that receive the benefit of this work. We also return tax dollars to our residents by improving school parking lots and repaving carpool lanes. The County recently completed work at Magnolia Park Elementary and Ocean Springs High School,” McKay said.

These funds provided more than just paving and overlay work. The County has also replaced three city bridges. The third and last bridge project for the fiscal year began on Sept. 17 in the City of Moss Point.

The County is replacing the current wooden bridge on Second Street with a new concrete bridge. The project is expected to be finished in Nov. 2007. District Two Supervisor Robert R. Norvel, Sr. says replacing aging bridges is one of the most important road projects.

“Bridge projects, like this, bring tax dollars back into citizen’s neighborhoods. It’s easy to forget how important a bridge system is to a city or community. They keep us connected together in so many ways,” Norvel, said. 

Below is a break down of County road projects in each city for FY 2007, which ended on Sept. 30, 2007. For more details about 2007 road projects visit the County’s website at www.co.jackson.ms.us/DS/PublicRelations.html

Paving Expenditures in Cities:

  • Pascagoula                                          $409,296.39
  • Moss Point                                          $105,878.04
  • Gautier                                                $232,121.61
  • Ocean Springs                                    $266,311.76

Bridge Replacements in Cities:

  • Ocean Springs (Kensington St.)        $175,537.50
  • Pascagoula (Barlett St.)                     $252,639.00
  • Moss Point- (Second St.)                 $332,955.00

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