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Ferry Service to End with Opening of Two Lanes of Bay of St. Louis Bridge

From: MDOT    Filed 5/10/07   Photos GCN
Updated 5/14/07

With the opening of two lanes of the Bay of  St. Louis Bridge scheduled to take place Thursday; ferry service from Henderson Point, MS and Bay St. Louis, MS will soon come to a halt.


To all those who live and travel through the area, the ferry service was very beneficial, according to MDOT Executive Director Larry L. “Butch” Brown. “Providing ferry service to the public was paramount due to the destruction of the bridge during Hurricane Katrina, but now that we are on schedule to have two lanes of traffic open on the Bay of St. Louis Bridge, that service will no longer be in place.”


Two lanes of the Bay of St. Louis Bridge will open Thursday, May 17, at 4 p.m., and will begin what promises to be a huge celebration for the residents of Harrison and Hancock Counties as well as the entire Mississippi Gulf Coast. And while many are looking forward to the opening of two lanes of the bridge, some who have enjoyed their peaceful rides on the ferry will have to bid it farewell.


Sister Jackie Howard, Principal of Our Lady Academy, rides the 7 o’clock a.m. ferry over to work during the week, and she said that she loves it. “Riding the ferry to work is a prayerful time for me,” she said. “The birds are diving and the fish are jumping. Co-workers tell me that I am a lot calmer when I ride the ferry than when I drive the interstate.”  


Funding for the ferry service, as well as the preparatory work for the access and landing sites, come from Emergency Relief (ER) funds provided by the Federal Highway Administration. MDOT contracted with Hornblower Marine Services to operate the ferry. 


The ferry service was an essential and safe mode of transportation for citizens to travel from Henderson Pointe to Bay St. Louis, according to Southern District Transportation Commissioner Wayne Brown. “The ferry service has been wonderful and I am greatly pleased that those who rode it daily benefited from the alternate form of transportation.”

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