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Keesler Officials to Break Ground on Largest Family Housing Project in Air Force History

By Keith Burton - GCN  3/28/07

Officials with Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi say they will break ground Friday, on the largest base housing project ever undertaken by the Air Force.

Keesler is the Air Force's primary electronics training center and suffered tremendous losses in its housing from Hurricane Katrina. The base lost nearly 1,000 housing units directly from the hurricane and has since torn down most of rest of its family housing units due to the age of the homes. Katrina's storm surge flooded nearly half of the base, reaching nearly half way up the runway and even through a low-lying area in the center of base near the base commissary and BX. Both of which are also being replaced on higher ground.

The Air Force will spend $287.8 million building new housing units at sites that have been cleared of the former homes.

Groundbreaking ceremonies are set for Thursday at 12:45 p.m. at Thrower Park off of Jim Money Road in Biloxi. Remarks from Brig. Gen. Capasso and Congressman Gene Taylor are expected at the event.

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