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Call for Artists of All Types Goes Out by the Mississippi Renaissance Garden Foundation

From: MRG News Release     Filed 9/23/07  GCN

The Mississippi Renaissance Garden Foundation is offering opportunities for artists to participate in the promotional development of The Mississippi Renaissance Garden on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  The MRG Foundation is seeking graphic designers and landscape designers to volunteer their talents to illustrate the proposed themed gardens for the Mississippi Renaissance Garden.  Illustrations will be used on our web site, in printed materials, on promotional advertising and possibly displayed in the Garden or Horticultural Center.  

Musical recording artists and authors are being sought to offer their talents and publishers are needed to produce the artists' work that will help in the MRG’s “Horticulture for Humanity” environmental recovery movement.  Creative credit will be given to the selected artwork, musical and literary contributions.  Each contributor whose selection is chosen will receive recognition in the media, in garden literature and permanent recognition within the Gardens or Horticultural Center.

Artists are invited to meet with MRG’s Promotion Department to review design plans and ideas for the Garden’s promotion.  They will then submit their ideas which will be selected for use in presentations, marketing materials and displays within the Gardens or Horticultural Center.  Illustrations, musical, and literary contributions submitted should reflect the beauty of  historical, cultural and inspirational themes and landscapes of our proposed Garden.  A variety of media will be considered.  For more information on the non profit Mississippi Renaissance Garden Foundation’s mission, go to the web site: www.msrengarden .org.

In the future, there will be other opportunities for artists to participate in other MRG’s “Horticulture for Humanity” programs through art and photography exhibitions, theater and concerts.  Art, photography and other fine art classes will be offered in the Center, and experienced artists will be needed to assist with outreach in the coastal communities and  public schools.  Interested persons are asked to call Martha Boyce at 228-388-2622 or e-mail: mboyce@msrengarden.org

Martha S. Boyce                                        228-388-2622 or 365-9293

2474 Provence Place                                 msbkt@aol.com

Biloxi, MS 39531                                         mboyce@msrengarden.org

More Information:

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