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Bay of St. Louis Bridge Nears Completion


From: MDOT     Filed 11/22/07 GCN


In the design-build reconstruction of the Bay of St. Louis Bridge, the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) is nearing completion of the bridge structure and rail for all four lanes of the bridge.  Traffic will be restricted to two lanes during completion of other items of work, including the installation of lights. 


MDOT Project Engineer David Seyfarth said that the swift progress of this massive reconstruction project has enabled MDOT to build, even as traffic has been moving along two lanes of the bridge. “We know that the improved mobility between the two communities has enhanced the quality of life for residents of the Mississippi Gulf Coast,” said Seyfarth.  “We appreciate the public’s patience while crews are still actively engaged in finishing this monumental reconstruction project.” 


As part of the on-going construction, motorists should be advised of a traffic switch which is scheduled to occur Monday, November 26.  Traffic will remain one lane in each direction, however it will be moved to the westbound new section of bridge.   Signs and traffic control devices will be in place to guide motorists across the bridge.


The bridge is being completed under a $266.8 million design-build contract with Granite Archer Western. URS, a consulting engineering firm experienced in design-build projects, is providing project oversight on behalf of MDOT.


On March 8, 2006, demolition crews began to complete what Hurricane Katrina started in order to get prepared for the first piling for the new bridge, which took place in June, 2006.  The bridge opened two lanes of traffic on May 17, 2007, approximately 20 months after the original bridge was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.


When completed, the new bridge will have four 12-foot-wide lanes (two in each direction) separated by a concrete median barrier, with an eight-foot-wide inside shoulder and a 10-foot-wide outside shoulder.  It will also feature a 12-foot-wide shared-use path for pedestrians and cyclists alongside the eastbound vehicle lanes.  The new structure will provide approximately 85 feet of vertical clearance to accommodate marine traffic

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