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FEMA Backs Away from Sales of Trailers to  Occupants
Sales of FEMA Trailers No Longer Available

From: FEMA   9/24/07  GCN


Families who expressed interest in purchasing their travel trailer or park model  units will receive letters from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) informing them the units are no longer for sale.


The letters also provide a toll-free number that families can call to report a change in their housing needs, deactivate a temporary housing unit, or inquire about housing alternatives. Occupants were previously notified the units were not available for purchase. The decision to end travel trailer sales is part of a directive issued last month by FEMA Headquarters. According to the directive, travel trailers and park models currently in FEMA’s inventory will not be sold, transferred, or donated to any individual or entity. 


Families who receive the letter can call 1-866-877-6075 for more information.


FEMA remains committed to helping families identify permanent housing options and works with occupants on a case by case basis. Eligible families may still purchase their currently occupied mobile home. Rental assistance is also available and families have been referred to available rental resources in the state. Approximately 17,200 families currently occupy FEMA temporary housing units.

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