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Group Says State's Homeowner Grant Program and Katrina Recovery Spending Missing Mark Set by Congress

By Keith Burton   8/26/07 GCN

A report by the Steps coalition  shows Mississippi has strayed from the Congressional intent to devote at least half the Disaster Recovery funds to primarily benefit lower-income residents.

In a report available online as a .pdf file, the Steps Coalition says that Congress intended that at least 50 percent of the Community Development Block Grant (CDGB) Disaster Recovery Funds be used to help low andSteps Coalition: Name as Logo Graphic moderate income families. The report by Steps says "To date, Mississippi has allocated only 20 percent of the funds available to low-moderate income residents."

The report outline how the money is currently allocated and notes that the state has asked for waiver to allocate the money as Congress had intended.

From the organization's website:

"The mission of the Steps Coalition is to promote an equitable recovery and healthy, just, and sustainable communities in South Mississippi. The Coalition shares these interconnected values: affordable housing, community preservation, economic and environmental justice, and human rights. Hurricane Katrina left what many have called a “clean slate” in South Mississippi. The door was opened for great change which would mean both unprecedented opportunities and enormous challenges for our injured communities."

To read the entire report, Click Here.

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